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Asthma Capitals for 2007 have been named: Atlanta #1

Each year the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America names the Top Ten Asthma Capitals for the year. This year, Atlanta Georgia, took the top spot, with Philadelphia, PA, and Raliegh, NC, second and third.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation says:

Don’t Move – Improve: Experts agree that people can’t move away from their asthma since every city in America has a variety of risk factors.

Click Asthma Capitals 2007 to see the whether your state ranked among the Top 10 Capitals (mind did!), as well as information about this annual research project, and links to more detailed information.

You can find information and links to last year’s studies as well as previous years on our February 18, 2006 post, Climate and asthma — Worst places to live.

Asthma in Florida

I was born with chronic asthma as much I got older it got more worse. in 2001 my asthma got really bad I was always in the hospital, I was admitted like once a month or sometimes once every 2-3 months. Then in 2002 I was getting asthma alot I was injecting myself with epipen but there times that I almost passed away. Then I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to move to Florida because of this illness.

Then I got to Florida I was still getting asthma but in 2005 it got really life threatning that I was going to the hospital every two weeks Continue reading Asthma in Florida

North Carolina, Florida

I have moved back to NC. When I was here 2 years ago, I had severe allergies. We lived in florida for two years and I was fine. Now that we are back, not only do I have allergies, but I also have burning in my mouth and throat. I even get red patches on the corners of my lips. Is this related? The doctor treated me with antiobiotics, with no relief. It comes and goes, usually worse after I eat. Can you help me. — Sandra, North Carolina

Live where it makes you happy and manage the side effects

I have suffered with hives and allergies all my life. Born and raised in the southeast-TN, FL, NC. As an adult I chose to move around the country to find healthier ground. I went to the Northeast – too cold – so I moved to Las Vegas in 1997.

I thought the dry heat would help. Once you get past the first year of nose bleeds and sinus dryness and dehydration, it does get a little better becuase there are no real season changes. Although there are many new allergies I had never felt before – Watery burning eyes for weeks from the dust and blooming olive trees (olive trees which became such a air hazard they were banned from the county).

The first year was bad but after 8 years I decieded to move back southeast to NC. Mainly due to the pollution (air qaulity) in Las Vegas has gotten so bad. Now that I have been back the first six months have been as it should getting use to the changing of seasons again. In six months I have had two colds which put me into the antibiotic slide. One drug to the next always ends up giving me horroable hives/angioedema for weeks.

Now in my mid 30’s I am finally learning how to deal with my body reactions to environment and medications with all the side effects. Live where it makes you happy and manage the side effects of everthing else. Life is to short to be stuck indoors or in one place. Enjoy life! — GW, North Carolina

Unusually warm weather = early allergy problems

According to WMFY News 2 in Lexington, North Carolina, “sniffling, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing are symptoms you usually deal with in the springtime. But this unusually warm weather is causing early allergy problems for many people.”

Many areas of the US have experienced unseasonably warm weather all winter. For many, the allergy season never stopped. Now that spring is around the corner, some wonder if they have missed the usual winter relief altogether.

North Carolina, California (Silicon valley area)

We lived in bay area of California till my daughter is 2 years old. She was a healthy kid then,she did not go to daycare. After we moved to North Carolina, she started having colds/cough and diagnosed of allergies in couple of months, she is on allergy medicine (Allegra) on a daily basis. She also goes to daycare here. She had bronchitis infections, pneumonia, croupy coughs, upper respiratory infections. She is on nebulizer treatments on and off for the past 3 or 4 months.

Can anyone help me in comparing these two places allergies wise? Is North Carolina making my daughter sick or is it the daycare? Will her health get better if we go back to California? In general are the allergies less in bay area? Please help.

Thanks — Amy, North Carolina

Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina

I’m from Iowa and suffered mostly at the end of summer from allergies. Other than that, had two septoplasties, one, at age 15, and the other at age 20.

I moved to Colorado in 2002 and, after a few months, realized my nose could not handle the dry climate. (I lived in the mountains at about 9750 sq. feet) I had dry, irritable, and painful nasal passages almost constantly for a year and a half. One ENT said I had major erosion in my nose and must move to a different climate, while another said it wasn’t quite that bad, but to continue using nasal sprays and a triple antibiotic ointment on and in my nose to retain moisture.

We moved to North Carolina last year in search of humidity to alleviate my constant suffering. Continue reading Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina