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Eczema better in in southeast asia and MD, worse in NYC subway

Broad Channel Station, IND Rockaway Line of the NYC Subway
Broad Channel Station, IND Rockaway Line of the NYC Subway. Click here for usage rights.
Submitted by Iana in NYC – I grew up in south east asia and had eczema off and on but during college it mostly disappeared. I moved to Maryland after college and my eczema was still non existent. After about 4 years, I moved to NYC and after three months my eczema came back with a vengeance. It resurfaces every fall and winter and subsides a little during summer.

I have had two vacations where I went to the beach (Costa Rica and Thailand) and my eczema disappeared during both times.

I am now thinking of relocating either to CA or Hawaii if I’m lucky!

It seems like the worst place for my allergies has been the NYC subways. I’m not sure if its the mold or some other substance.

Photo courtesy Rayv145, Wikipedia Commons

Reactive airway disease, need dry warm winter

I have asthma that reacts only to cold and chest colds and very bad mold allergies. I was in the house all winter, sick most of the time, couldn’t even attend family activities, and had a deadly case of cabin fever. I know all cities have their pros and cons, but could their be a drier, warmer location for me in winter? I would like to be able go out every now and then. Another possibility for me is to elongate my spring or fall, so if I could travel to a city during its non-mold period; that would be great. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I feel like I am active only in July and August. – submitted by Sue, Brooklyn, NY

Move from Long Island to Upstate, Highland NY worsened allergies

Since I moved from Long Island, NY, to Upstate, NY, my life has changed. I am suffering from allergies a lot and taking lot of allergy medication which is giving me side effects. I am sick of this. I have been to the allergy specialist, he gave me some medication, but folk I want live without medication and sometimes even if I take medication it is horrible. I am allergic to oak, tree mix, beech, birch, dust mites. – U., Highland, NY

From NY to Florida, severe allergies to grass, trees, mold, dust, pollen – where to move?

I have SEVERE indoor and outdoor allergies (since birth) and moved to Florida at age 18 in 1983 from NY because I was so sick. Had a brief honeymoon period but allergies returned with a vengence and get worse each year. We are talking about moving as quality of life is not good – alleriges are year round with hives, excema etc. Lots of steroids and not much relief. I need sugestions as to where would be a good place for someone allergic to grass trees, mold, dust, pollen etc. Please help. – Karen, Florida

Moving: new allergies to the new place after a few months?

I have had similar situations with many of the other people on this website concerning allergies. I grew up in NY and had mild allergies and asthma (mostly exercised induced) when I was younger. I moved back to NY after being gone for almost 8 years. I was diagnosed with sinusitis in the fall of 2004 while I was living in Pennsylvania. After a few months of moving back to NY I began to get sinus infections every two months. Then I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis.

I have seen numerous ENT doctors who all recommend surgery to remove the polyps from my nose. I would rather not have the surgery. I have been put on all types of allergy medication. After vacationing in a tropical area for an extended period of time, the polyps in my left nose completely disappeared. However, my right nostril is still filled with polyps.

My ENT and Allergist suggested that I leave NY because they believe that my sickness could be tied to my environment and/or they recommend allergy shots. What other areas would be a better place for me to live? Will I just develop new allergies to the new place after a few months? Any suggestions of advice would be appreciated. Thank you. — L.J., New York

Allergies in New York Hudson Valley-where to move?

I’m at my wit’s end…I live in New York’s Hudson Valley, and am uncomfortable all year ’round. My headaches are constant, and some days the inner ears fill up and cause dizziness/vertigo. I’m disgusted with allergists, ENT’s and most doctors in general. when asked what I should do to optimise my health, five different physicians told me, “move” but none have any suggestions as to where one should move to. I have no asthma issues (that I know of) and would just like some tips as to what area would cut down on headaches (acute and chronic) dizziness, and optimise mental clarity. Any ideas? – Paul, New York

Early autumn roundup

From California to Ontario, New York, and Florida, ragweed seems to have made it’s debut early and with a bumper crop this August.

Lansing, Michigan:
Worst summer for allergies in decades
“The pollen count is…the highest it’s been in fifty years…. Ragweed everywhere and no relief in sight.” [WLNS, Lansing]

Los Angeles, California
Bumper crop of ragweed kicks off allergy season
“Summer rains followed by hot, dry temperatures in many areas have produced a bumper crop of ragweed.” [NBC4, Los Angeles]

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
Break out of the mold
“A particularly bad year for mold spores and an accelerating ragweed season are giving them itchy eyes and runny noses.” [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

Ontario, Canada
Achoo! Ragweed arrives early
“Ragweed has made her a prisoner in her own house…. ‘It was July 30 when it started and it hasn’t stopped.'” [Hamilton Spectator, Ontario Canada]

Washington, DC
Ragweed arrives early in district
“If you’re an allergy sufferer who is feeling a little off this morning in that allergy-related kind of way, you can thank ragweed season for arriving two weeks early.” [DCist, Washington, DC]

Little Rock, Arkansas
Heat, humidity fueling hay fever
“Doctors say an increase in pollen, ragweed, and mold is creating more cases of hay fever.” [Today’s THV, Little Rock, Arkansas]

Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, Florida
Ragweed season starting up for allergy sufferers
“Ragweed season is upon us…. And this year, people may suffer more than ever.” [WTSB, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida]

New York City, NY
Ways to cope with a brutal allergy season
“Allergy sufferers, the early predictions are in and get ready for an especially brutal fall season.” [WABC-TV, New York]