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Improved asthma and allergy symptoms in Alaska?

My daughter suffers from severe environmental allergies and also has allergy and virus induced asthma. The heat and humidity here creates significant struggles for her. The deepest part of winter is when she feels the best. That’s why we are considering Alaska to live.

My question is, does anyone have experience with moving to Alaska and had success with improved allergy/asthma symptoms? – Submitted by Shannon in Indiana

Allergies in IN,TN and AL: midwest or PA better?

My son and I lived in Indiana most of our lives. Normal seasonal allergies. Nothing major (our bodies adapted to the pollens well since we lived there for such a long time). In 06 we moved to Tennessee and my allergies became terrible. Had to use an inhaler. My son had to go on allergy medicine for the first time. His sinuses became clogged constantly. We moved to Alabama this May (09). It has been a living nightmare. I have had pneumonia twice. My son lost his singing voice and had to go to an allergist. I am unemployed and no insurance. I take the allergy medicine that didn’t work for him. We are considering Seattle, Washington or back to the midwest like Kansas City or Pennsylvania. Seattle is out top pick for many reasons. I don’t want to move across the country and find we are in a nightmare. So far I have seen only one posting that someone couldn’t live there. Other than that, it seems favorable. I will take all of the feedback I can get. I’m a single Mom and a move this large for nothing could be catastrophic for to us. Thanks so much! – Submitted by Michelle in Alabama