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Eczema better in in southeast asia and MD, worse in NYC subway

Broad Channel Station, IND Rockaway Line of the NYC Subway
Broad Channel Station, IND Rockaway Line of the NYC Subway. Click here for usage rights.
Submitted by Iana in NYC – I grew up in south east asia and had eczema off and on but during college it mostly disappeared. I moved to Maryland after college and my eczema was still non existent. After about 4 years, I moved to NYC and after three months my eczema came back with a vengeance. It resurfaces every fall and winter and subsides a little during summer.

I have had two vacations where I went to the beach (Costa Rica and Thailand) and my eczema disappeared during both times.

I am now thinking of relocating either to CA or Hawaii if I’m lucky!

It seems like the worst place for my allergies has been the NYC subways. I’m not sure if its the mold or some other substance.

Photo courtesy Rayv145, Wikipedia Commons

Hawaii or New Hampshire for asthma, allergies and eczema?

I lived in Colorado for 20 years having mild asthma, allergies, and eczema. After moving to Charleston, South Carolina my asthma kicked in (had to get a daily inhaler) and after 6 months or so my eczema began to go from mild to severe. I went back to Colorado after two years in SC and my conditions did not lessen. Now, I’m living in Portsmouth VA where I’m getting UV light therapy which is taking care of my eczema. Now, my husband will be stationed in either Hawaii or New Hampshire this coming fall. Does anyone know where would be better? I’m most concerned about eczema. It’s the most debilitating. Thanks! – Andrea, VA

German visits Missouri, finds home in Hawaii “perfect for people with allergies”

I was born and raised in Germany and I suffered of allergies every summer. I think I am allergic mostly to weeds and grasses. I moved to Hawaii 9 years ago and since then all of my allergies have disappeared. I think Hawaii is perfect for people with allergies, because a lot of the weeds, trees and grasses that you’ll have to deal with on Continental US simply don’t grow there. I am convinced of this, because presently I am in Kansas City/Missouri and I have a terrible time with my allergies. So, I know the allergies haven’t just disappeared. Since I haven’t had to deal with it in Hawaii at all in the past 9 years I can only conclude that moving to Hawaii was indeed a geographic solution to the problem. I hope this helps somebody! — Simon, Hawaii

Travelled 50 states, allergic in Oklahoma – move to MO?

Over the past 51 years I have traveled through all 50 states and lived in 16 of them. Most of my years have been in the Hawaiian Islands, Florida, California and now Oklahoma. I have NEVER been alergic to anything in my life, with the exception of Oklahoma, since my husband and I moved here 2 years ago. I AM MISERABLE! The doctor has me on 7 different meds and told me, “Move to Missouri!” After reading updates on the message board about MO, I’m sceptical… — Tamara, Oklahoma

Allergy relief in Arizona, but back to Oahu, Hawaii?

Looking for insight, and a little bit of hope. I grew up on Oahu and when I was about 7 I started experiencing allergic reactions. I developed asthma and everything went downhill from there. First I developed really bad bronchitis and this turned into pneumonia. We moved to Yuma, AZ when I was nine…a little extreme I think, but I’ve lived all over Arizona, including mountainous and forested Flagstaff, and have had very little if any problems.

Arizona can be beautiful, but I’m having difficulties really loving the desert region. I really miss the ocean and wetter climates. I tried Long Island, NY but developed two really bad cases of bronchitis, one after another, during the Fall.

Well, I’m now 25, engaged, and wanting to show the places I held dear in my heart as a child to my fiance. So we want to have a “premoon”, our wedding, and our honeymoon in the Hawaiian islands. But, I’m really concerned about how I’ll handle it health-wise. My main allergies are to pollens. I seem to be okay with orchids & roses, but not lillies (which are my favorite!). I don’t think molds are a real problem, but I’m hoping to see a doctor and try to find out specifically. Any other suggestions? Thank you all for any input! — Summer, Arizona

Hawaii: Which areas are best for allergy sufferers?

My husband and I lived in Kihei on Maui for a year. I got what I thought was bronchitis every few months. Apparently, it was allergies. My husband was fine most of the year but mid May to mid August he was severly ill from his allergies and asthma.

It was so bad we had to move. We would love to go back to Hawaii but do not know which areas of Hawaii are better for people with severe allergies/asthma. I have heard that Kauai and Hilo side of the Big Island are bad. Any insights into specific good or bad areas of each island would be very appreciated. — Donna, formerly in Hawaii

Ohio, California, Portland, Vancouver, Maui, Arizona

I developed allergies in my early twenties. I lived in Northeastern Ohio for a few years and was miserable (grass mostly). Northern California was horrible as soon as the grass began to flower. Couldn’t breathe in Portland. Thought I was going to die in Vancouver,BC. Started to develop asthma.

The only thing that helped anywhere was air conditioning. I was also told about chewing local honeycomb (spit out the wax) starting about a month before pollen season begins. This actually worked for everything except the grass (bees don’t go for grass I guess :o(

Makes sense. The pollen is in the honey and by eating the local kind, one slowly assimilates the local pollen. But what to do about grass?

I’m on Maui now. Different grasses but the Waddle trees here leave enough pollen to coat a house! Shorter season than grass though, and not quite as bad. Cost of living here is killing me instead!

Still looking for comfort. I’m considering Arizona. Any comments??? — BGS, Hawaii