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Eczema better in in southeast asia and MD, worse in NYC subway

Broad Channel Station, IND Rockaway Line of the NYC Subway
Broad Channel Station, IND Rockaway Line of the NYC Subway. Click here for usage rights.
Submitted by Iana in NYC – I grew up in south east asia and had eczema off and on but during college it mostly disappeared. I moved to Maryland after college and my eczema was still non existent. After about 4 years, I moved to NYC and after three months my eczema came back with a vengeance. It resurfaces every fall and winter and subsides a little during summer.

I have had two vacations where I went to the beach (Costa Rica and Thailand) and my eczema disappeared during both times.

I am now thinking of relocating either to CA or Hawaii if I’m lucky!

It seems like the worst place for my allergies has been the NYC subways. I’m not sure if its the mold or some other substance.

Photo courtesy Rayv145, Wikipedia Commons

Paraguay woman wants Columbia and Costa Rica allergy info

I am in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay now and having terrible allergy problems, I am guessing from the humidity and dust (although it might be other things). I can’t find info on Bogota, Colombia or San Isidro, Costa Rica where I am thinking of going to escape for the next month. My worst allergy is dust, although I am also allergic to mold and some grasses/plants. Many thanks. – submitted by Maria, Paraguay