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Improved asthma and allergy symptoms in Alaska?

My daughter suffers from severe environmental allergies and also has allergy and virus induced asthma. The heat and humidity here creates significant struggles for her. The deepest part of winter is when she feels the best. That’s why we are considering Alaska to live.

My question is, does anyone have experience with moving to Alaska and had success with improved allergy/asthma symptoms? – Submitted by Shannon in Indiana

Outdoorsman from NJ with allergies in CA – is Fairbanks, AK better?

I used to be a competitive runner, cyclist, and nordic skier and used to be absolutely crazy about the outdoors. ~1 year after moving from NJ to CA I have started experiencing intermittent asthma symptoms, which eventually grew into full-blown asthma in a matter of a week when I got sick with a viral infection. I am now on 10 different medications, including 2 inhaled steroids. I have a great job, but my productivity at work has dropped ~3 times. The symptoms are essentially constant (chest conjestion, shortness of breath, sleep problems) and improve ~3 days after I travel out of California, and get much worse when exerting in CA outdoors. The symptoms are debilitating enough to freak me out, but not strong enough to kill me (which sometimes I dream of). I am allergic to essentially all trees, and, essentially, non-allergic to grass and weeds.

I understand that moving is always the last resort, but I am afraid that if I stay in CA any longer the inflammation in my lungs becomes irreversible. So at this point it’s a question of a life worth living.

Even though every area has its allergens, naturally, it seems that areas with less vegetation and a long “down” season would have less pollen. California, essentially, has no down season. I am therefore considering Fairbanks, AK. They have trees blooming in the spring, but the blooming seems to last for only a month. I could manage a month os symptoms, but I can’t stand the CA year-round nightmare

I guess, high desert also makes sense, but there are no jobs to be found in my specialty in these areas (I work in nanotechnology). Fairbanks has a research school which I could work at. — RCS, California

Alaska, Australia, and Washington

4ys ago moved to Tacoma WA USA from Sydney NSW AUS. Declined in health with no plausible cause. A doctor advised move out of Tacoma – we moved to Seattle. Last year I experienced anaphylsis first hand and was placed on numerous meds. My husband placed me on a ferry from Bellingham to Ketchikan Alaska. By the time I arrived in AK I was breathing very well and experiencing quality of life again. After return to Seattle and almost dying the doctors got me medicated well enough to travel back to Sydney. This was to re-set my body clock.

I returned to Seattle with fewer symptoms. Then this year my husband took a job in Ketchikan AK for 6mths with an option – we are here now in the height of the allergy season!!! Life is good!!! No Life is wonderful – Big Smiles!!!
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Jamaica, St. Louis, maybe Alaska?

I’m from Jamiaca by way of the Bahamas and I’m a chronic, perennial allergy sufferer. My allergens are mold, ragweed, trees and dust. I’m sure there are some food ones thrown in as well.

Anyway I’m living in St. Louis since 1999 and it has been just awful. I’ve had two surgeries because my nasal passages keep growing shut and I’m always stuffy and breaking out in hives despite being on zyrtec, allergy shots, rhinocort and singulair. My ENT says he doesn’t know how to help me and my allergist keeps trying different combinations of drugs that wokrk for a time and then stop.

Alaska sounds like the place for me! What do you think? — Hillary, St. Louis

Alaska, Missouri

About 11 years ago, I moved from Alaska to St. Louis to go to school. i still live in St. Louis. From the moment I stepped off the plane I noticed a difference in my ability to breathe. Whenever the climate goes from spring to summer, I have great difficulty breathing, as if my lungs just won’t expand. I usually take allegra, and after about a month, I don’t have a problem anymore. This is a difficult month, though, and I often wish I could go back to Alaska during that time. — LB, Missouri