Improved asthma and allergy symptoms in Alaska?

My daughter suffers from severe environmental allergies and also has allergy and virus induced asthma. The heat and humidity here creates significant struggles for her. The deepest part of winter is when she feels the best. That’s why we are considering Alaska to live.

My question is, does anyone have experience with moving to Alaska and had success with improved allergy/asthma symptoms? – Submitted by Shannon in Indiana

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  1. I am an allergist in Alaska. Though our pollen season is short (just starting to get into our pollen season), we have really high birch and alder tree pollen levels. It’s a great place to live and if she does better in the winter, we definitely have that. This winter was the most snowfall on record and the coldest January on record. Most people with allergies will develop some allergies no matter where they live unfortunately.

  2. I live in Fairbanks Ak. I’ve been here for almost a year.I have adult asyma and allergies.Fires in summer and smoke from chimneys (in winter) are extremely prevalent,here in Fairbanks.My Aysma flared up so bad that my breathing capabilities were below 48%. I left in Oct to visit family in Tacom, Wa.
    Spring has been really bad for me, I’m exposed to different pollen from trees.I keep my windows closed and have an AC in bedroom.
    If your not military and have a choice to live somewhere else, do it.Anchorage might be better for allergies. Fairbanks sits down in a bowl like setting.Low sea level.Everything, good bad and ugly hovers above the city, especially smoke.
    I thing AK is the Most Beautiful state in US.i love the people here in FB. Look up ranking for allergy cities in US….. fairbanks is 10th in Us.

    1. Marta, Thanks for sharing your experience in Alaska! I’ve heard from friends who visited Alaska that it is a beautiful place. Thank you for the sacrifices those of you in the military make, including the allergy and other health issues you endure related to climates you are stationed in.

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