Best European country climates for asthma

Which European country climate best suits asthma suffers? – submitted by Kate in UK

Note from Lois (AllergyNurse): Please respond by sharing your experiences with best European country climates for asthma in the comments. You may also be interested in information about travels in European countries shared by one of our readers last month. See our September 13 and September 16 posts.

2 thoughts on “Best European country climates for asthma”

  1. My wife is sever asthmatic who has been on steroids for over 10 years and on oxygen for the past 3 years. Our best place we have lived oversea for countries with best climates in Europe is German. Like any other place I have lived in the military there is those hot months but with Germany having all 4 season it truly helps because we didn’t have to go through the long hot humid spring, summer and fall months.

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