Are these eight states allergy-free?

Last week’s questions about allergies in Boise Idaho has yielded no comments. But it made me think. We’ve been publishing climate information here in Allergy Climates and Seasons for almost 2 1/2 years. Yet no one has written about the 8 states listed below. Are we to assume that these states are allergy-free? Please share any allergy experience you have had in these states.

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia


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  1. After living in Michigan for 40 years I moved to Louisiana a year ago and I have had allergic symptoms ever since! Post-nasal drip, congestion, tickly cough worst at night, allergic “shiners”, and there have even been instances when I’ve felt like I was having some asthmatic symptoms. I’m taking Singulair, Claritin, Flonase, and a 12-hour decongestant daily and STILL Have symptoms. They seem to be related to something both inside and outside my home though in the springtime it’s absolutely worse when I leave my home. I’ve been told a local flowering bush called “logustrum” is a common culprit. I can honestly tell you that it’s wearing me out.

  2. With regards to your rhetorical question about whether or not Louisiana is allergy-free, I can assure you that almost everybody I’ve talked to about my symptoms has said that Louisiana’s climate is notorious for causing allergies! Scratch Louisiana off the allergy-free list!

  3. I lived in Virginia and West Virginal for 10 years. WV and the Western part of Virginia are the worst for my allergies. Richmond and further east towards Norfolk seem to be better, maybe something to due with trees, breezes and mountains. My allergies are mostly trees, grass, mold/mildew and pretty much everything else. I lived in NC, Charlotte and Greensboro and they were bad as well. I live in Jacksonville now near the beaches and this location with its strong breeze seems to be the best that I’ve experienced other than Richmond, VA.

    What treatments have worked for me? I found that I respond best to Claritin 3-4 times a day along with Nasonex/Rhinocort 2x daily. I also like to use nasalcrom 3 or four times as well. You could say I have bad allergies:) My symptoms were strange. I got nose ache and headaches daily. I saw nuerologists/Allergists/ENT’s and various other doctors for a resolution. I’m talking about spending thousands of dollars trying to track this down. Who found it??? ME,crazy huh! I tried shots and they aren’t working or they have not had enough time to work. My advice to everyone is to try a combination of claritin/Allegra and Nasocort/Rhinocort and the Nasalcrom. You will figure out eventually what works for you and with allergies that’s key! This is just my personal experience, I’m not a doctor so make sure you talk to your physician, but sometimes you have to push. These guys are just like you and me, guessing…scary huh? Good Luck

  4. Does anyone know about Idaho? I have asthmatic kids, we currently live in Texas. However, I have a job opportunity in Boise. Does anyone know how Boise folks fair regarding Allergies?

    1. 20 degree days Sun is out creating moldy sinus issues because the snow and ice have melted off… My dog is even sick. Yet my first year here acclimating I had no issues except for when the Sun comes out and melts the snow and heats up the mold in the structures.
      The Treasure Valley is notorious for sinus issues due to wind pocket areas.

  5. I can vouch for Maine and RI. I’ve lived in both for at least 4 years each. Miserable allergies. Down south I feel good… I may consider moving there. Just my case of course.

  6. The “2006 Spring Allergy Capital Rankings” by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America listed Hartford,Connecticut #1 in its list of the 100 most challenging places to live with spring allergies.

    I have tree, grass, and mold allergies. I live in Wisconsin and as soon as the trees bloom, I’m indoors until frost. The trees, followed by grasses, have been blooming earlier every year and are now starting in late April. As soon as the snow melts, mold is present in the dead grasses and leaves that were under the snow all winter. In late summer, ragweed is a killer until frost. At that point, you have a couple weeks until it’s freezing cold.

    I was considering moving to New Mexico, but posts have led me to reconsider. I can’t touch a juniper bush without breaking out, so I imagine juniper pollen would make life miserable there.

    I’m now researching Colorado (other than Denver), Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Arizona (I know Phoenix and Mesa are bad, but what about Flagstaff?)

    Has anyone lived in Ireland? What is the allergy situation there for tree and grass pollen and mold?

    I encourage people giving allergy reports to indicate what their allergies are. An area with little pollen might be very bad for mold and vice versa. Unless we know what you’re allergic to, saying an area is good or bad is meaningless.

    1. Denver/Aurora has Junipers that make my allergies terrible. I am in the process of removing five big ones from my yard. They are vicious.

  7. Delaware has trees, dust, air pollution however if you are near the beach it is beneficial for asthhmatics and allergy sufferers.

    Boise, Idaho has cleaner air quality but many trees. Beautiful environment.

  8. I live in the Hampton Roads area and I can tell you that this area is not any better for allergies. Maybe close the beach is better. If I lived oceanfront, I might do well. But I currently take four allergy shots weekly, and I am on two inhalers, one nasal spray, an antihistamine, a decongestant and Singular. At this moment, I have a case of bronchitis due to a sinus infection because it was ‘windy’ on Monday and Tuesday and I did not wear a face mask outside. I am looking to move anywhere but here. I did not have asthma, allergies or sinus infections until I moved to Tidewater.

  9. Flagstaff is not bad, nice clear air—and my allergies/asthma are bad here in Scottsdale; However,I have only been there in November. M friends have lived there for years, and report their allergies are not bad there, but there are a lot of fir/pine trees. The higher altitude and distance from the city helps tremendously- it is not a congested area. You might also check Prescott, or the areas north of Phoenix and Scottsdale. The higher altitudes here are generally better because of the altitude itself, and they are less populated, less polluted.

  10. I moved to Phoenix,AZ, from Louisville,Ky. I’ve always heard what a great place Az is for drier air (not in monsoon season) and for respiratory problems (not according to the brown air pollution). But, hey the shopping is great, and I’ve found a good allergist and will be starting my allergy shots, in a couple of weeks. And while at the allergists office, a 21y/o came in for his on going treatment. He was born in Phoenix, and is now in school in Flaggstaff. He did not develope allergies until moving there for school.So, Flaggstaff is out too.

  11. Scratch Delaware off your list! I moved to Delaware in 2004 and never had any allergies beforehand. By 2005 I was breaking out in hives covering my entire body almost daily, no matter the season… Come to find out, in that year, I developed allergies to Mold, Dust, Dust Mites, Various food items (including, and especially APPLES!), Trees, Grass, molds, etc. And Delaware has plenty of Dust,tons of trees, various grasses and horrible air pollution.

  12. Hi,

    I am looking for solutions for relief from my allergies.
    I live in S. Fla. I have had shots, and tried every kind of nasal spray available. The sprays gives me headaches and sore throats. The antihistamines dry me up so much that I don’t drain and get sinus infections. I tried Singulair once and thought it was going to be my answer, but I ended up with a sinus infection. Could have been a coincidence, but it says on the lable it can cause sinusitis.
    I am working today but in a fog, cold as heck, sneezing and blowing and could just sleep around the clock from the fatigue of it.
    I had always thought living WEST was what doctors told us to do, so I was surprised at the Arizona comments.

  13. Like Ashley wrote, Louisiana is DEFINITELY not allergy free. My daughter’s pediatrician recently told me that a whopping 80% of people in the state suffer from allergies. Of course, the Hurricane didn’t help matters and contributed greatly to mold, etc. in the metro New Orleans, southeastern, part of the state area. In the spring/summer, cars, etc. get covered in pollen, so much so that I have to hose off mine each morning. As a life long Louisiana resident, it seems like each year more and more of my friends and family members complain of allergy related symptoms. Just about everyone I know is on Zyrtec, though unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me.

  14. Hi Deborah,
    I use the Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal & Sinus Irrigation System. It’s like a “water pik” for your nose. It’s available at many websites. I used to get several sinus infections every year. Not any more since I’ve been using my Hydro Pulse (since 2005). Good luck.

  15. Hey guys,
    I was searching for some answers, thinking I was one in perhaps a million or two who is having such a torid time with allergies and allergy symptoms. I live in New York, outside the city, an hour’s drive or so and this year has been the worst for me.

    I’ve had near fainting spells, choking episodes, heavy nasal congestion and episodic dry coughing spells. I’ve seen a host of specailists, from neurologist to allergist to now an ENT later today.
    I was hoping to move to an area out West perhaps Phoenix, but after today’s comments, now I am really troubled. Are there any allergy free states out there–can anyone help!!

  16. Cross Ireland, Louisiana, Texas, Maine, NH, and almost every place you mention. I have just returned from Ireland with a terrible chronic bronchitis, live in Texas where I can’t get rid of it and it’s getting worse. Lived in Maine and NH and I can tell you it’s just as bad there. Plus you have the ultimate in cold weather, making it impossible to avoid a flu every year and just when you’re getting better, it’s spring….achoo. I think we have to boost our immune systems real fast because our planet is full of allergens from pollution (caused by people and natural disasters) to plant matter. Not to mention that with world travel, people are bringing their germs to other places. Remember the AZTECS? Where do you think they went…and why?

  17. live in greenville sc. and there is no one here who does not have allergies, found out no 1 place for allergies,

  18. you can scratch Delaware off your list .I’ve lived here for 52 yrs. had allergies all my life.I found this sight and was hoping someone could tell me a great allergy free place to live. Maybe there isn’t any.

  19. Got Yo tell everyone that Hawaii is the one place to live for those suffering from tree, grass and weed pollens. We spent 7 years there on a military tour and as soon as we moved back to Oklahoma all my sinus problems have returned. I think the greatest advantage to living in Hawaii,besides living in paradise, is that the yearly average temperature of 80 degrees kept my sinuses stable. We lived in a house with no air conditioning and always enjoyed the Hawaii breezes.
    I know that going from hot air to cold air throughout the day flares up my sinusitis, so finding a place where the temperature all year round is stable is the best place to go. I would go back to live for the sake of a healthy life but it is much too expensive.

  20. Everyone, I’ve found the one place that is completely allergy free — It’s a bubble. I now live in it and it’s great. It has a diameter of 6 feet and I have extensions for my appendages when needed. All of my oxygen comes from tanks so it is clean and pure. My food is passed through a decontamination chamber so there are no chances of allergies also passing through. It’s a wonderful feeling to have clear sinuses and helps me get through all the loneliness living in a bubble. It’s a little expensive and no insurance company will touch it, but it’s worth it. I can now live in any place I desire (even the moon) and not suffer even in the slightest from allergies.

    End the suffering and purchase your own bubble today.

  21. Just a comment on the “nose pik” – they use Neti Pots for nose cleaning in Eugene – little pots that they add salt to or hydrogen peroxide with water and flush it (by gravity) from one nostril to the other. I actually used a nasal spray dispenser with hyrdogen Proxide to clean mine and it seems to clean out the mucus in it. As for this section – I have been to Providence RI and of course with the ocean breezes – I breathed quite well with no problems in June of 2007 – tree pollen and ragweed do it to me.

  22. Just an FYI, we live in Portland, OR and it is so bad for allergies here. We are considering moving north to Seattle where it is a little better as Seattle is surrounded by water. Does anyone know how Austin Texas or Southern Ca are?

  23. I Live in Wilmington Delaware and this spring and summer have been the WORST for me since the summer of 1990. So, NO Delaware is NOT allergy free it is horrible here and I’m seriously thinking about moving because between doctors and prescriptions I am in constant pain. I was been and raised here and it’s not getting any better allergy wise

  24. I can speak from experience, that Maine is NOT allergy free. I have 4 types of grass allergies, and after moving from Oklahoma in 2001, to Maine, I suffered the worse allergic reaction I ever had, from Spring through Summer.

    I lived in Connecticut for a brief period and suffered no allergies there, through the spring.

    But, when moving back from the Northeast, to Oklahoma in 2007, my allergies have become unbearable. MUCH worse then when I left in 2001.

  25. So, it sounds like Vermont and West Virginia are the place to be, and that Boise is not too bad either.

    1. No! Boise is terrible for my allergies. Moved here almost 2 years ago and I’ve had horrible allergies the whole time. I grew up in San Antonio and they were terrible there, then the air force moved us to Hawaii, Omaha NE, and Watertown NY. I barely had any allergies in those places and thought pregnancy had cured me. Guess not. I’m seriously considering moving so I can feel healthy again…that’s what lead me here.

      1. Same here. Had some allergies in MN, but only after 2 years here in Boise I have severe allergies and even worse developed an asthma. I think Boise is a horrible place for your lungs. Do not be fooled. The air quality is bad. They have mountains surrounding that lock in the pollutants that they call “the inversion” and have to have burn bans all the time because of pollutant levels. Sprint is horrible for air and pollen counts. Never had such bad issues with breathing and allergies/rashes. Thinking about a beach area. Lived in SCal for 30 years with no problems.

  26. I am terribly allergic to mold, dust, trees, grass, fallweeds, and ragweed. However, I have been taking shots once a month for thirty years. So the shots have me pretty much under control living in New Jersey. However, I would not be in control moving anywhere further south where there would be even more mold from the humidity, and where there would be new trees and grasses to which I would likely develop allergies. My biggest problem is mold, and, relative to places below New Jersey, there is not a lot of mold here. Whatever mold there is, my shots pretty much keep me under control. Drier places like Arizona caused me to get nose bleeds from the dryness, and then subsequent sinus infections. (I have heard that Vegas, Denver, and Salt Lake are the same). So I find that the New York/New Jersey area is manageable. You might need a year or shots once a week, later every other week, later every three weeks…. but eventually it tapers off to shots once a month, (which I will do forever to maintain control in keeping up my immunity).

  27. What about San Diego, CA? As I age my allergies change and I am not happy about it! However, the other option is to be NOT here. Ok. So I am here. I live in the mountains of Maryland. It is nice, but I am wondering if I need to move as I get older?

    Is less humid better for breathing or less trees, grass etc?

    1. I came to San Diego from Chicago suburbs. I live about 3 miles from the Ocean. There is no ragweed here at all. My allergies have almost like Gone! I believe it is the Ocean breezes keeping my symtoms at a minimal. I am allergic to Dust Mold Trees, Grass and most animals.
      Whenever I go back to Chicago at different times I get sick. I usually end up in the Urgent Care for a treatment and Rx.
      Hope this helps.

  28. I was reading on another website that HI is not allergy free. Several
    people posted that the pollution was causing them a lot of suffering. So,
    you might want to check into HI a little closer.
    From what I am reading, Boise sounds pretty allergy free compared to
    the rest of the regions. Anyone know what Moscow, Idaho is like?

  29. I am a retiree who relocated from Virginia to the Eastern Shore, MD three years ago. In VA I had allergies that led to severe sinus infections but here it is far worse as I have had bronchitis and asthma that has become life threatening at times. I checked out this site to see where to go next. Difficult and expensive as it is to move again I would if I knew where to go…sounds like there is no where anymore where you can breathe healthily. But I appreciate the information as I saw places here I was considering.

  30. Hello fellow-sufferers,
    No such thing as an allergy-free state or country – but some have lower pollen seasons than others.
    Best to watch for forecasts as well for air pollution readings. Have been to hell and back and survived my allergies. Air filtration – hepa filters, electronic filters — UV light, air-conditioning, ceramic tiles, wood floors and/or tiled floors.

    Either live 5,000 ft above sea-level or at sea-level (nothing in-between) – If it all gets too much take to the sea in a boat for relief – away from the land.

  31. I moved to San Antonio, Texas in August of 2007. Starting in March of 2008, I have had the worst allergies and have now been diagnosed with Asthma brought on by the allergens here. I was hospital twice in less than 30 days, due to severe respiratory problems. I have never been so sick in my life. I will graduate in January of 2009 from nursing school and intend to move. I pray there is a city out there where I can breathe again.

  32. I live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The best place here to live would be up in the Park City/Heber Valley area. Those of us on the West side of the Wasatch Front Mountains seem to have worse allergies due to the inversions that happen with being surrounded by mountains. I have an easier time breathing when I am up over the Wasatch Front on the East side. It is more expensive to live up in that area, but if you are looking for a bit of relief, I suggest there. Can’t wait until I can move my family and I up there!

  33. I lived in southeast Idaho (near Idaho Falls) for a little while. My allergies were terrible. But then, the only places I haven’t suffered from allergies were all right along the coast.

  34. I moved from Kentucky to Louisiana about 1 year ago. Since I have moved my allergies have basically disappeared!! Lexington, KY is the #1 place in the U.S. for bad allergies.

  35. I live in Morgantown, West Virginia which is in the north central part of the state. I teach here and the majority of my students have asthma or allergies. They get worse when people move here. I have a family member and colleague who moved here recently and sinus problems have increased exponentially. One moved from RI and the other from Southern California! So, for many people in West Virginia, allergies and asthma symptoms are extreme, especially in the spring, summer and fall.

  36. I live in Bucks County, Pa. I suffer from allergies and asthma almost year round. October is the worst for the asthma due to a certain kind of mold that grows on the wet fallen leaves. I too am searching for better breathing conditions.

  37. I saw where someone asked about Austin, Texas. I live in Austin and it is the allergy capital of the world. Everyone gets cedar fever from Juniper trees a kind of cedar, which are the most allergenic tress anywhere. Its terrible from December to March. This is not a good place for allergy relief, believe me.

  38. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that living in the mid-west is not that great for allergies. I have moved alot and now live in Colorado where my allergies have been the worst i belive i have had a steady cold for 4 months due to my allergies acting up. Its very dry here, thats true however, alot more things blow around in this climate. and they don’t leave because of the mountains, its like living in a fish bowl. I suggest if you come from a high hummity area then this state will help, however those who need moisture so not always dry and have sinus infetions don’t move here. I also suggest that you find out what you are allergic to and check to see if it lives in the state to which you are moving to.

  39. Help! My wife is going through an insane time of taking more over the counter medication to combat headaches and congestion, that it worries me. Mussinex, Aleve, and about two other medications, in more doses than any of us would say is normal, just to get through a day. We live in the Dallas area. This place is insane with wind and crap blowing in from everywhere. Her doctor, an ENT specialist has said, “well you have a deviated septum”. Well, that’s nice, but correcting that doesn’t mean a solution or relief is in order. The cause is external and our bodies are not adapting.

    I found this site out of desperation, looking for some insight. What I’ve learned here is that there are others in this world with the same struggle. (Misery loves company!)

    Is the movie “The Happening” for real? I’m one frustrated husband with a wife who is in virtual headache mode. Any other husbands out there experiencing the same frustration? Where do we go? Do we have to move to the middle of the globe? Is the criteria 80 degrees and a seashore with prevailing winds from the ocean? Folks give me some clues! Drugs only help as you keep up the inordinate injestion, and Doctors, well, bless their hearts, they want our money. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

  40. I’m 62 and, as I have aged, I’ve noticed that my asthma and concomitant bronchitis have worsened. I am free to move anywhere in the United States and I was wondering where the “cleanest” states or regions are located. Every time I travel to Hawaii I feel wonderful. Is Hawaii a great place to live? Just wondering.

  41. I have lived in Louisiana now for 30 years after growing up in Chicago and living in Florida. In the past four years I have developed allergies that start in March and stay with me until the end of May. I have been on prescription Clariton, Allegra, and am now trying Zyrtec, but symptoms remain and i am miserable. My eyes itch, water and are so blood shot red, that I find it embarrassing. My nose is constantly running. I have tried allergy eye drops (including prescription), as well as “natural” remedies like the netty pot, colloidal silver spray and eye washes, but nothing seems to alleviate the symptoms. It is physically debilitating and as a hiker, biker, gardner, and teacher who must be outdoors at this time of the year, I can honestly say it has affected my quality of life. I am going to see an allergist, hoping, that perhaps shots would help or there is another medication that might work. So take Louisiana off your list of allergy free states. I never had any of these problems in Chicago or Florida.

  42. Maryanne, you said when you were in Florida you had no problems, were you near the beach or not? What about in Chicago? Just curious because in Ohio there’s no escape.

  43. I live in Hacienda Heights, California (20 miles east of Los Angeles). My daughter has been suffering from severe aczema since she’s 3 months old. We took her to Hawaii when she’s 3 years old. During one week stay there all her symptom disappered. When we came back home they came back right away. She’s also ok in Shen Yang, China (northern China). I believe part of the reason is there is less trees and grass in China big cities.

  44. i lived near the ocean in palm beach county, florida for 15 years before moving to northeast georgia, above atlanta three years ago.

    this has been a horrible experience allergy-wise after coming from a relatively trouble free zone.
    i do think moderate humidity and ocean breezes do help, and air pollution is very low there as well.

    i am seriously considering moving back to se florida-hurricanes and all!

  45. I have lived in Bel Air Md for the last 4 years and have been suffering for the last 4 years. I have sinus headaches all the time, pressure all the time, I am blowing my nose 24/7, sneezing, coughing and have been hospitalized at least 3 times a year b/c of allergies. I have been tested and I am allergic to everything. I don’t get any relief. I hate to wear make up b/c I blow my nose and my make up runs down my face from my eyes watering. I moved from south Fl where Tylenol allergy and sinus was enough, now I am on Flonase, Zyrtec D, nasal sprays, and Advair. Guess what, still no relief. I still can’t breath and I have no taste or smell b/c I am so clogged up. I was on here looking to see where my family should move so I can breath, but after reading everyone’s post, I realize there is no place to move. We are all suffering 🙁 I don’t want to start the shots, but I feel like I have no choice.

  46. I agree with Craig, Middle Tennesse is REAL BAD. It seems when I was younger say 10-20 years old, living in Nothern Wisconsin, and Central Iowa I had no problems. As I grew older, I had sinus issues in MI, MA, and now TN. It maybe the area, also I suspect age has something to play into it too. Anyone thats older say 50 + lived in HI., and doesn’t suffer? How about Southern CA.?

  47. I am 45 years old and have allergies to mold,dust,meidcations,ashtma atopic dermatitis, and have been very sick at itmes. when i lived in rockaway,oregon the allergies were much better but i hated the rain. we moved to prineville oregon and i was a new person. i was healthy for the first time in my life. It is located in central oregon by bend. it was sunny all of the time and dry and when it rained it was not that bone chilling wet. no mold either! We have moved to Buckley washington and i am doing well here as well. It is up in the mountain area by the cascades. I tried all of those preccription drugs. nothing worked! I take chlor-trimeton(over the counter as needed) and infrequently use albuterol inhaler and protopic ointment for skin. pretty healthy place to live if you get a house without mold in the walls. Our wood stove helps a great deal in the winter for drying the air out. Good Luck! Central Oregon is the best though if you stay out of the mountain area. there are juniper trees there when we went camping and i about died so don’t go in the mountains.

  48. i am looking for some information on where to move to with my family my almost 3year old suffers from grass,weeds ,trees,mold,pets,feathers,dust,also asthma,ezcema,milk,eggs,tree nuts,peanuts,shellfish,seafood ever since she came home from the hospital she is like a walking pharmacy ourlives are in a bubble i’m so tired and need some relief we live in massachusetts and everywhere we consider going we discover is bad. please anyone who has any information can share it with us we want a normal life for her she is missing out of so much on the out door activities although it is not betteron the inside either.

  49. I grew up in Michigan and lived in Chicago for a few years and my allergies were always pretty bad just due to the drastic weather changes we have. I mean 80’s in the summer and below zero in the winter! I lived in Boise, ID for almost 2 years and they weren’t as bad. I wouldn’t say I was symptom free but they were better. I live near Toledo Oh now and it’s horrible, worse than ever. They always flare up during spring and summer due to the pollen and in the winter I get nosebleeds and so dried up. Anywhere in the midwestern states I’ve lived in has been bad. I think Boise was better b/c the pollen level is less, there is less humidity and there are milder temperatures.

  50. I’ve been researching any Allergy Free States, and I’m looking for answers, for my son. I’ve grown up in the Pennsylvania area for most of my life. Growing up with Allergies, which brought on Asthma, taken the shots, to no avail. So as a child, from experience, Pennsylvania is not an Allergy Free State. In my twenties, I relocated to Delaware for a new opportunity. Needless to say, my allergies worsened. After seeing an Allergist, hadn’t seen one in years, his comment, “if you’ve never had allergies, move to Delaware, you’re sure to get them. Delaware, full of Chemical plants, sits in a Valley, which is a magnet for the enormous trees and mountains from both Pennsylvania and Maryland. Not a good place to be if you’re a sufferer. Please let me add, as a child we often travelled to Ohio, through West Virginia. If you’ve never seen ragweed, just travel the Pa turnpike, and it looks lovely, but very offensive. To sum things up, I was instructed by a holistic physician over 12 years ago to take a supplement of “Grape Seed Extract” with Bio-Flavonoid, found at any Health Food Store. Since then I’ve been taking the supplement along with my Multi with Vitamin C and have to say, I have not suffered from Allergies in years. As I come upon sufferer’s; I am relived. Realizing my peace with the allergenic symptoms. This taken along with Daily Saline Flushes should releive you of symptoms. I pray anyone that reads this feed will be relieved. Please let me know what States are Allergy Free……..I still would like to know.

  51. GOOD NEWS. After reading all the horrible places to be for allergy prone people, I have good news. Here it is. 5000 feet and above; right on the ocean in a house, condo or apartment; and travel on the road as a fulltime RVer. Those are the only things that will work without destroyiny your body with medicine and shots. It’s worth it to try the grapeseed extract. I am an herbalist with allergies. This method does not work for everybody but it definitely is worth trying for relief from allergies. I lived in Pa as a child, had shots etc. Miserable. Lived in New York, actually a bit better but still has seasonal allergies. Lived on the Ocean in Fla. Much better but still had mold problems to deal with. Lived in the Mountains and could breathe but still had some mild allergies. The best for me was when I traveled. If you have an at home job or can telecommute, I have found the if you move around, the allergy goblin can’t catch you, especially if you don’t stay too long in one place. Now don’t go and park by horse stables with hay or woods with mold or lakes with mold too long or you will have allergies. How long can you stay? Until your nose tells you, uhoh, it’s time to leave now. That’s why vacations work for some people they temporarily fool their bodies in thinkig the allergies have left. Sometimes, they can fool you into thinking this is a great place to live but the minute you do you’re stuck there and with, SURPRISE, allergies. So good luck. Move around if you can andif not, look into how you can. Remember, high mountains, right on the ocean, and move around. It’s worth it to be able to breath.

  52. WOW!!!! After reading what the rest of you have written, I’m not sure what to do. I live in southeastern Mi – close to the Ohio border. I have been on antibiotics and Sinus medication since I was twenty-five years old. I was on allergy shots for close to ten years. I quit the shots after developing Diabetis four years ago. The shots just weren’t doing anything the last couple years. I’m still on Zyrtec but have little releif. We wintered in Ala. but I found that was only good when we first got there. We’re trying to find a place to move that might be better for me than here. I’ve sent for information from Chattanooga, Tenn to see what they have to offer. Can some of you fill me in about this area and your experiences with allergies. My worst ones are MOLD, dust dust mites, perfumes (horrible) scented candles (horrible) some medications, some foods, trees and grass. From what I’m seeing, the only place for me is next to the ocean, high on a mountain top. I’d appreciate any information you can give.

  53. I have lived in West Virginia my entire life. As a child, I had severe allergies that dramatically improved over time. As an adult, I have really only had minor discomforts, mainly in early spring/mid-summer, and I am not medicated. However, this year has been awful. Tree pollen has been especially bad, and grass pollen hit its peak early this year. Most of the people I know have allergies — some very little problems, some, like my younger sister, are definitely more severe. I fall somewhere in between. A good remedy is eating honey made in the state you are in — it contains the antigens for most outdoor allergies. The closer it is made to the city you live in the better. I started doing this this year, and I’ve noticed an improvement.

  54. Want to know about Idaho? I’ve lived in North Idaho, Coeur d’Alene, and my allergies were terrible there. Moved down closer to Boise, and the allergies are still bad. Summer is worst, winter the dry air and heated indoor air and the wood burning stoves are terrible on sinuses. Add Inversion layers with wood smoke in winter and pollen/smog in summer and Boise/Southern Idaho is not the place to be. I’ve lived in several states, and we go to Maui every year for up to 6 months. My allergies/congestion/bronchitis DISAPPEAR within two weeks every year since 1992 when we first visited Maui!!! The salt air and humidity keep me allergy-free and clear, save the few days that VOG blows over from the Big Island volcano. Seattle area and Puget Sound have grasses that make me sneeze and plug my sinuses up.

  55. WV has some of the worst areas for allergies. I know because my allergies have become so bad that I am planning a move. Mountains are beautiful but stay away from the chemical valley of Charleston, WV and Parkersburg; the coal mines and their sludge fields and dams in southern WV; the chicken ranches in north-easteran Randolph and Grant Counties. Great beautiful open spaces can be found in Lewisburg, Elkins, Seneca Rocks, areas. Also, Fayette and Raleigh Counties have wonderful country areas with rivers and streams still untamed and poluted by man. We have white water rafting ,great repelling cliffs and bike trails (Appalachian Trail)and foot trails (Cranberry Glades) but they are strickly regulated to keep everything natural.

  56. I am a Delaware native and allergies are very bad here. The Dr. told me it’s because we have bodies of water on both sides of the state, so there is always moisture in the air feeding the molds and funguses. There are also frequently mild winters. He said when this happens the trees don’t hibernate, so their pollen count doubles the following year. If that year has a mild winter, it triples. I have a friend in the military and the military Dr’s told her Delaware is one of the worst states for allergies.

  57. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and 1/3 of the year we get 50 degre temps and cold, forcefull winds. Bad for dust allergies and general respiratory problems. Another 1/3 the temp fluxtuates and you get that weird is it spring? maybe? no? where all the illegal olive trees pollinate constantly. The last 1/3 of the year its 120+ degress in the shade and no allergens but with frigid airconditioning and zero humidity… well you get the picture. Childhood asthma is rampant here. The hot air is great for arthritis but if your allergic to ragweed and dust forget about it. Most allergy meds don’t even work. I’ve given up on meds and go for alternative meds – vegas drops, butterbur, local honey and neti pot treatments. It sucks!

  58. I lived in southern Mississippi for 2 years, & I never had allergy problems. When I’m on vacation anywhere in Florida, I don’t have allergy problems. My allergies don’t bother me when I’m in Atlanta either. Now I live in SE Tennessee and have allergies all year. Middle TN is also a cesspool for allergies, or so I’ve heard. I’ve even read that some country singers go to CA to record their albums, because the air is dryer there, fewer allergies, and it’s easier on their voices.

    I guess it depends on what you are allergic to, but I do better in warmer climates with more evergreen trees. I think allergies are aggravated by stress. When my life got more stressful, my allergies got worse. I’ve lived in the same town for 16 years, and my allergies also got worse after moving to a different house that is covered by shade trees and sits on a busy street (lots of car fumes). So I don’t think it’s just the area where I live, it could also be the house I’m living in. But if I had the money, I would pack up tomorrow and move to South Florida. (I love Sanibel Island!)

  59. Hi. I was born and raised in West Virginia and have suffered from allergies my entire life (now I’m 26). When I was little, my mom had to give me allergy shots for my chronic infections. WV is definitely not allergy free. I have a problem with Fall allergies: mold, dust mites and cockroaches mainly (anyone else allergic to cockroaches? I didn’t even know they tested for that!) I moved to South Florida for college and my allergies lightened up a bit. I still had them but not as bad as WV. Now, I live in Charlotte, NC and I am completely miserable. I should by stock in Puffs Tissue and Claritin-D. My allergist says that Claritin is too whimpy for me but that’s the only thing I was allowed to take when I was pregnant. NC is definitely NOT the place to be if you’re trying to avoid allergies, trust me. I had the mother of all sinus infections last February and have two other since I’ve lived here. I’m not an asthmatic, but I do develop the symptoms when an infection hits. I’ve given places like AZ a passing thought just to get some relief! LOL

  60. I’ve lived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for 25 yrs. It’s about 1 hour and 30 minutes east of St.Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota. My allergies are all year round. It get worst outdoor, and have sinus infections whenever the weather gets cold. I’ve tried sinus surgery and it help somewhat but then it returns. I blowed my nose so often that my nose are dry and cracked. I have ear infections that causes my hearing loss. I have headaches at all time that the doctor gave me pain killer, but could not be on them for too long so the doctor told me to take 3 tablets of tylenol or 3 tablets of motrin every 3-4 hours. I’m always dizzy too. The doctor gave me prescriptions for the allergies but nothing works. My allergies are dust, mold, and very sensitive to cold air. This allergy and sinus have kept me from working for many years now. I’ve applied for the social security benefits twice, and was denied. I thought moving to a warmer climate might help, so I flew south. I moved to a small city 30 miles west of Orlando Florida 2 years ago.
    It was alot better the first year, but now everything return. Not as bad as in Wisconsin, so I rather stayed here, but no medical insurance and don’t have enough money to see a doctor regarding my allergies at all. I still could not work, and is depending on my husband’s $10 an hour income for a computer systems technician. The economy was terrible here. What should I do?

  61. re: Phoenix, AZ and Colorado Springs, CO. My daughter has pretty bad allergies. We have rented so this provided different challenges. In Arizona, I could say, if my daughter cannot breathe in the original apartment (the only thing that kills the cigarette smoke smell is an ozone machine, not paint)and they would be fine with that. In Colorado Springs, they laughed. I know she is allergic to different pollens, pine, weeds or dry grass, dust is bad. In Colorado, she was worse in the winter with the dry grass and the pine. In Arizona, it is more seasonal, though I am still very careful inside with dust (we have air filters). Dry air/climate works better for her so both of these climates are fine for us. We have visited California and the heaviness from the little bit of moisture was harder for her. Hope this helps someone.

  62. I live in Louisville, Ky and it is down right miserable w/ allergies. I have had sinus surgery and been battling for years. I am allergic to you name it..dust mold tree grass animals etc etc..list too long. but the sinus surgery has not worked yet other than eliminating my massive headaches..which is a positive but congestion and lack of breathing and sleepless nights…still here. I lived in North Florida as well and when there didn’t have near the problems now that i’m back in KY awful. i’m ready to move again to the moon if need be for some decent sleep.

  63. I have just moved from Connecticut with 15 years free of allergies and allergic asthma. I first started having signs in Califonia when my parents moved me there close to the coast,(Long Beach area) I seemed to always have laryngitis.
    I moved from there many years later to Tennesse which I had mild allergies. Next I lived in New Orleans, La for four years and was on all kinds of medicine as well as shots for allergic asthma.
    Lived in Reno, Nevada for five years and did pretty well. Now my husband has moved me to Georgia and I have been here six months and the asthma seems to be coming back. I do know people who have allergies in Connecticut but as I said I was there for 15 years with no allergies or asthma.


  64. Maine? Are you kidding? It’s nickname is “The Pine Tree State” and the official state symbol is the white pine tree. That alone should be enough to make most allergy suffers cringe with the thought of living there.

  65. Louisanna is the WORST place to be if one has sinus problems and if you don’t have the problems when you get there you will sooner or later..It’s like living in a 3rd.World anyhow…
    **How about Morro Bay,Calif.??

  66. HI, I was born and lived for 37 years in Northwest of Italy (around Torino) near the Alps, Switzerland and France. In case any of you is thinking of moving there BE AWARE hay fever season is kind of short but brutal! Last from mid April to mid June. Everybody is hunted by grasses and wormwood/artemisia. This is the same for all North Europe, Ireland included so this should answer back to whoever asked about this country.
    The South part of the Mediterranean area (Greece-Spain-South Italy-Tunisia) is bad for ragweed and grasses.
    Mod allergy is bad too especially if you visit the archeology areas or churches or Venice but many other Italian cities are virtually mold free.
    Hope this facts may help just in case any of you is so lucky to go anywhere in Europe for vacation!
    My allergies were bad there then moved to North Florida near the Ocean and they went silent and pretended leaved my body for about 8 years. When I started to fell in love with Spring again, my allergy showed up again. Symptoms are kind of different now, I have post nasal drip and sore throat like crazy, a dry cough but my nose and eyes don’t itch, should I say yet?
    Misery and confinement at home is equal Spring. Claritin,nasal spray,neti pot,eye drop help but not much to go trough pollen season.
    I know that moving around is a way to fool our body and keep allergies silent, the Sahara desert is a great place for people like us but let’s be honest, who wants to live there?

  67. I moved to Central Florida and am now having very bad allergies to oak pollen, despite being on shots and medication. It took about 20 years for the allergies to get this bad, though. Maybe the answer is to move periodically, or else to take a vacation to another area when allergies are bad locally.

  68. I live just a half an hour away from Philadelphia, PA. Been battling allergies every spring when the pollen is high i have basically stayed indoors from April to Mother’s Day and pop the Benadryl Allergy pills to avoid asthma attacks. Have tried just about everything doctor prescribed and natural. Large doses of quercetin have helped, but now I’m trying Noni juice. Here’s to everyone beating allergies for good!

  69. I lived in michigan over 40 years with bad allergies except winter. 15 years in colorado were not much better except at higher altitudes (lots of pine trees). 6 years in hawaii were the best! very mild eye and sinus irritation for a few weeks a year. I would check out leeward sides of the islands (dry side) but vog from the volcano is more present on those sides. daytime breezes are off the ocean. nighttime air flows down from the higher elevations and might bring some allergens but did not bother me. spent some time in florida also. the weather in hawaii is far!! superior.

  70. Interesting comments, thanks everyone. I am only allergic to MOLDS, badly…..sny suggestions where to move. Have done all the usual things, shots, Neti pot, medications up the wazoo. Ready to leave Illinois….but go where?

  71. I live in Florida. I was born and raised here. I have lived all over Florida. I currently live in Tallahassee, Florida. I have been suffering severe allergy problems since I was 10. It got so bad that at one point I had to have surgery for paranasal sinusitis something or other. Basically my allergies were so bad that it caused back to back sinus infections that eventually started eating away at my skull. I eventually joined the Army. While I lived in Fort Lee, Virginia I had allergies but not nearly as bad as I did in Florida. In Virginia it was only a couple of times a year and I was fine the rest of the time. In Florida it was 24/7/365. Now that I am in Tallahassee my allergies are worse than they have ever been. I have been hospitalized 3 times this year alone. I am on Allegra D, Flonase, Singulair, Zyrtec, Claritin, and once a month I have to take a dose pack of steroids. My Dr has officially ordered me out of this state. I have heard that Chicago is a pretty good place. Any suggestions. I never get a cold or the flu even when exposed to people who are ill with a cold or flu so I am not worried about that. I just need ideas on where I won’t feel like clawing my face off and/or sleeping all day (when I can sleep that is because I wake up constantly thanks to the sneezing and the coughing and the wheezing)

  72. Seattle, is the best for relieving allergies. The ocean air blows inland kills the air born mold spores, and blows the tree pollen away. Idaho is only bad during The spring hay season for us. Wyo is pretty low on allergens nothing grows, Virginia, just about killed my husband and son. My son had hives and my husband went into anaflaxic shock. So that is a definite no.

  73. I have suffered from allergies all my life in Texas, took allegra,zyzal,the best thing I found is, “ALLERGY BUSTER”, its over the counter, works wonders. Its a all natural nose spray, made of pepper, it burns about 5 seconds, but its worth it.

  74. I was born and raised in Fl.never a alergy prob.,I lived near the beach-moved to Louisiana 10 years ago and can’t begin to tell you how awful it is !Not only is it horrible for mold, dust,every outside allergians you can think of but the crop dusters and chemicals in the air here cover the rest -I recently came down with a severe egg allergy -dont you know I did some research to find egg in the fertilizer the crop dusters are spraying over my house.My son has autism( 9)doing great in school and has great friends now I need to move and don’t have a clue where to go!!!!!!!!!!I need a good Health solution for me and my son SOON!

  75. I am at this website exploring areas that might provide relief. Each spring/summer is worse for allergies here in Sedona, Arizona. Junipers, sycamore…and others. And every year they say, ‘this is the worst year ever!’ Friends have moved away to the ocean for relief. Still looking.

  76. WV is not allergy free. I grew up here and my childhood best friend was deathly allergic to most everything. My mother, brother, husband, children, niece and self have allergies. As someone previously posted my husbands allergies were much worse in NC, but mine seem to be slightly worse here.

  77. Moved to Houston from Austin. Daughter’s allergies are horrible here whenever it rains. Mine, as well, and I have NEVER been an allergy sufferer anywhere. The air here is some of the worst on the planet. It’s HOT, extremely humid, rains ALOT–believe it from Gulf moisture, and pollution (refineries, etc.) make this one of the worst places to live whether or not you have allergies. I think a place with more moderate temps and near the beach would benefit us, but we’re stuck due to jobs.

  78. May: Have you been checked for Meniere’s Syndrome??
    I have allergies, and Meniere’s, which the allergies aggervate. I live in MI (SE) and have seasonl allergies, but, mostly just sinus problems.
    I was told by a dr. at the MI Ear Institute that WY and some parts of S. Dakota, and ID (yes Idaho) are good places to live if you have allergies.
    I spent a month this summer in WY and I was fine. No sinus congestion, no sneezing, no ear fullness, nothing! It was awesome.
    I have always wanted to live there….now I just have to convince my kids! Husbans can live anywhere with his job. Internet service can be a bit dodgy in some areas though:(

  79. Hawaii is the best. Oahu, waikiki. Look where it is on a map. Its the most remote place in the world. Middle of the Ocean. I was severe in FL and can live pretty normal here. Its survival pure and simple. Moving is nothing really for health. In fact I would move to buffalo if allergies ended. sydney AU is best worldwide for me.

    Best thing to do, forget reading whats best. People from FL with no allergies have them here and I died in FL. It often makes no sense.

    You go take a trip based on best guess. It only takes 2-3 days for the allergy reaction to stop if its gonna in a new place.

    good luck allergies really did ruin my life. Even here its all day with me. and yes have done allergy shots 10 years now. But I can survive this way. FL was seriously a desperate situation.

    Medicine is still lousy and primitive today.

  80. common sense would seem to dictate…

    best place…prevailing ocean wind and then check what’s upwind for human activity(ie. pollution!).

    that’s probably why “how-are-ya” is reported as such a good place to live with allergies.
    ….ocean breeze and WAY off from any other human habitation to pollute those ocean breezes..

  81. Have allergys,been on shots for 10 years. Born, and raised in Mn. Bad place to live for allergy sufferers. Moved to Washington state, could not believe the relief. Once we drove over the mountain range, I was able to throw away the benedral. Never felt better in my life. Only lived here for 2 years. Ex-husband was stationed at Fort Lewis. I would go back in a heart beat if I could ….

  82. i have lived in connecticut, massachussetts,texas, florida, west virginia and pennsylvania…i suffered in all of these states, but florida was the best-but only if you live near the ocean!! i also visited my parents on cape cod, i always felt horrible when i went there, but they didnt live near the water.

  83. I live in North Florida just a walking distance to the Ocean, unfortunately live oaks and cedars are happily living even very near the beach and they are the major problem for allergic people. I guess who lives in town or far from the Ocean has even more problems but here at the beach everybody blessed with allergy suffer a lot.
    Right now everything is covered with the magic and messy yellow dust.
    Does anyone know if there is a way to compare last year pollen season with this one?
    For esample, I would like to compare the amount of pollen of today and same day last year.

  84. I have lived in Pa all my life. 3 of my children and my husband suffer from asthma and we all have had to get allergy injections (which did not help.) I take 2 different allergy medications, steroid nose spray and sudafed daily. I still cough, sneeze and have thick clear drainage. I am also trying to find a state to live in where the mold spores are low which is my whole families worst allergen. Hope I find something cause I can’t take it anymore. Everytime I get re-tested at the ENT dr.’s I have developed a new allergy. They said it is due to my body being in an allergic state all the time so it lowers my immune system thus making my body think everything needs to be attacked. Please post if you know of an area to live that is better for allergy/asthma sufferers.

  85. As I write a comment while scratching my eyes having a runny nose, feeling my ear itch and feeling a lump in my troat (I always get this when my allergy is getting really bad)… all these thanks to my allergies! I vent my pain…

    Growing up in Puerto Rico, it was horrible for allergies. I would end up with nose bleeds most of the time which ended up with me having surgery making it even worst. I moved to Florida 13 years ago, and it is just as bad… just no bleeding. I lived in Washington, IL for a year, and it wasnt that bad but sadly I had to come back to FL.

    Last thing I develop, after moving back, is bronchial asthma that according to the doctor is due to untreated asthma, but I get treatment for my asthma. Now my asthma last over a month every time i get it, and my still remember the one that lasted 3 months and I thought I was going to die. From aggressive asthma treatments, to salt rooms to acupuncture, I had tried it all.

    Sometimes talking about good places to live allergy or asthma free sounds like a great idea, but sadly sometimes economy dont allow us to move and make those changes. In a perfect world, I would move and end all these attacks and allergies, but I cant. May be reading this blog might help me for some ideas if I am ever able to move.

    ***HINT: Tropical climates are terrible for us sick ppl! Places like Cancun and Colima, Mexico have same climates as here in FL and PR… I call those vacations from hell. (shakes head and tries to forget those vacation!) Remember this on your next vacation or cruise!

  86. I have suffered from allergies ever since I was 18 years old and now I am 47. Over the years I have taken allergy shots for the best part except for one or two years and always I would get so many sinus infections that I would have to take the shots again. At best it has helped some. I am allergic to most medications and beef, tree nuts and ever allergy you can name I also have ecezuma. I live in South western Virginia and have lived here all my life. I have been sick for the last 3 months and I am scheduled to have the sinus surgery. From the comments I have read. I need to move to the ocean that has ocean breezes, Hawaii or Washington State on the ocean. That’s a long ways from Virginia.

  87. Does anyone recommend New Mexico? I’m in FL. It’s been a nightmare to live here. Sick constantly. I’m so desperate I’m willing to move and lose income over this. I’d rather have my health than money, anyway. I’m on sublingual allergy drops. They have helped immensely, but take a good year to kick in. Florida is awful. Moldy, humid, rainy summers. The buildings here are ALLl moldy and highly toxic…even the newer ones. There’s moldy carpet in DRs offices and people here are very uneducated about toxicity of plug in scented stuff and everyone smokes here. The pollen this year was so thick on my car hood that it looked like it snowed outside. Don’t come here, please if you don’t want to be sick! I’m moving!

  88. i also live in florida, north florida to be exact. i have tried every over the counter, and off the shelf allergy medication avalible, and none seemed to work. i have used eye drops, nasal spray, saline solution, and went through more prescriptions than would be beleivable. i dont want to move, but it may be my only option. i don’t have bad mold allergies, mostly dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other such things. i will try the grape seed extract, but does anyone know of anything else that can help ease allergies. i live way out, with a lot of property and most local herbs and plants are avalible to me. it has been rumored that herbal tea’s made from rabbit tobacco, purslane and other tea herbs work. does anyone have experiences with theese, or other suggestions. i have mostly given up on modern medicine to cure my allergies, so any natural remidies would be much apriciated.

  89. I live in Maine and I have allergies, and have developed asthema in the last 10 years. I am very sensitive to mold and I have spring and fall allergies. I suffer from April thru October. Between the tree and grass pollen in tbe spring, mold spores all summer due to our wet climate, and hayfever and mold in the fall, I struggle for months on end. I take claritin daily, and take a nasal spray, and when the mold, allergies and humidity is high, I also need to use an inhaler. It is NOT a great place to live if you have allergies. However, the winter is so long and cold, that you don’t have to worry about anything other than household mold for several months of the year.

  90. I’ve lived in Maryland(Baltimore area) all my life except for my stint in the Navy. I know all too well that Maryland is horrible for allergies, especially in the Baltimore area. And the southeastern suburb where I live is industrial/residential with chemical processing plants and the worlds largest steel mill(Sparrows Point) and a waste water treatment plant. Add to that the diverse foliage of Chesapeake Bay, and you have a boiling cauldron of allergies.
    I lived in Ocean City, Maryland for a year back in the late 80’s and was allergy free. Same with a week I spent in Knightsen, California, 50 miles inland from San Francisco back in ’08.
    My allergies have gotten so bad that me and my grown kids are gonna have that talk: “Kids, Daddy’s gotta move. You coming?”
    If I stay in Maryland, it’ll have to be Ocean City.

  91. i cant believe more people from Maine have not written in! Maine is basically the end of the jetstream and receives all of the pollution from the southeast on up through. we supposedly have a huge hole in the ozone over us…so no, we are not allergy free. i have suffered since i was a child ending up in the ER from itching my eyes so badly that they were swollen almost shut. today at 41, i continue to struggle with multiple allergies that turn into bronchitis and sinus infections and make me miss way too much worse. was finally tested and yes, allergic to pine pollen(good ole pine tree state), mold, dust, some grasses, potato (which we are also known for) and a few other foods….one would think being exposed to potato and pine all my life i would have built antibodies against it. i am now taking claritin d, flonase, steroids on occasion, albuterol nebs and inhalers and immunotherapy shots…two to the gut once a week…my allergies were so bad today that i didnt dare take them afraid i would have to use my epipen shortly thereafter…so please, dont move here for the ‘fresh Maine air’…i am looking to get out too!

  92. Elaine, thanks for your response. Actually two others from Maine have posted to this thread since our original post in 2007. Scroll up to see posts by Kevin and Lori. Yours provides further info Maine allergies :-).

  93. I lived in So. Cal for 28yrs and suffered from Bronchitis at least once a yr but it was never as bad as moving to TN, which I did 15 yrs ago. Every year I get Bronchitis at least twice and on top of that, a myriad of sinus infections. I am currently taking Allegra every day and it has helped a lot, but not enough. I am circling the thought of moving to No. Cal… Anybody know what the allergy status of Northern California is???

  94. I live in East Texas and suffer with allergies.I am allergic to ALL the trees,weeds,etc,in my area.. I am taking 2 shots a week,and Still not getting any relief.. I had thought about living on the coast around Corpus Christi Tx,,Hows thew allergins in that part of the state??? TY

  95. I lived in San Jose, Ca for 37 years and had Allergy symptoms on and off all year with Spring being worst. I had Allergy shots for 10 years with minimal improvement. I was never able to reach the maximum dose due to severe local reactions.

  96. I’ve lived in N.Y. for 30 yrs with light seasonal allergies. I now live in Baltimore, MD. I now have moderate to severe allergies ( indoors & out ). Two years ago I developed severe allergic asthma. I take 10 – 14 shots each months for my asthma & allergies. My doctors advised me to leave MD, it would improve my quality of life. I own my home & I’m now on disability. I have to wear masks when in groups of people. I never thought my allergies would spiral out of control like this.

  97. I have lived and travel all over the USA and seem to suffer from one thing or another, trees, pollen, weeds, animals, you name it… I was real bad last winter here in Central Florida where I currently call home, my wife and I traveled to the Florida Keys and with in hours I was allergy free! We are back in Central Florida but plan to travel nice agin for two weeks to the keys, not much grows their and lots of salt air…..wish we could afford to live full time in the keys…

  98. West Virginia is horrible for allergies. And the farther south you go, the worse it becomes. Husband and son both have extreme outdoor allergies here.

  99. I have lived in Idaho most my life. I have allergies every year. I seem to be allergic to pine pollen, cottenwood cotton, and sage the most. My daughter and I are having a hard allergy season this year. I have lived in Boise and the Idaho City area.

  100. I live in Oklahoma. Allergies are extremely painful here. The headaches I have go to migraines. We are looking forward to moving out west someday. Possibly New Mexico or Arizona. Does anybody have any information that would be helpful?

  101. Wife and i have horrible allergies to tree pollen, grasses and ragweed.

    We’ve lived in South America; Reno, NV; San Diego County, CA; and Ventura County, CA (both counties within 5 miles of the ocean).
    Scale: 1 – 10 (10 being no symptoms)

    South America: 10 – No allergies (also huge city 7+ million people)
    Reno, NV: 1 – Horrible allergies, only good season was the winter! Wife had multiple sinus infections, both of us suffered from constant headaches, stuffy/runny noses, scratchy red eyes, etc… it sometimes looked like it was snowing… it was pollen!
    San Diego County: 5-6 – Some good days, Santa Ana’s made for bad days. Those winds from the desert brought all kinds of nasty allergens
    Ventura County: 4 – It’s a LOT of farm land, a lot of grass, a lot of ragweed. Horrible headaches, sinus pain, muscle pain, not sleeping.

    We use HEPA filters on our A/C-heating units as well as a stand-alone HEPA air purifier in our bedroom and living room, still pretty rough.

    I am seriously considering moving to South America to get away from these allergies.

    take care and God Bless!

  102. So what I’m hearing is that no matter where you go, there will be allergies every where.
    Mold-dry climates
    Dust-wet climates
    Pollen-away from trees
    if you have all of them your sick anyways.
    that’s what I’m seeing. I’m also seeing that Hawaii is a good place all though it is expensive. but my boyfriend has allergies to all of the above. mold, hay, dust, cats dogs+. he has cold induced asthma. so finding a place where he could live after we get married is hard… wanna live near our parents but where he can at least breath. he is always sick and we both live in Michigan. Me personally i dont have allergies never have… and i love winter so if I have to move down south i will definitely miss the winters here.
    but this is what I’ve been seeing so far….

    1. what i mean bye mold- dry climate….if you have mold allergies go to a dry climate if you have dust allergies go to a more moist climate so on and so forth…..

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