Hawaii: Which areas are best for allergy sufferers?

My husband and I lived in Kihei on Maui for a year. I got what I thought was bronchitis every few months. Apparently, it was allergies. My husband was fine most of the year but mid May to mid August he was severly ill from his allergies and asthma.

It was so bad we had to move. We would love to go back to Hawaii but do not know which areas of Hawaii are better for people with severe allergies/asthma. I have heard that Kauai and Hilo side of the Big Island are bad. Any insights into specific good or bad areas of each island would be very appreciated. — Donna, formerly in Hawaii

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  1. ha , so you moved here hoping to catch a break with allergies ? 🙂 Kihei has : 1.) basically two crowded roads , always glutted with cars ; 2.) cane growers , in tandem with Monsanto , waging chemical warfare against everyone on this island by burning their crops , which are contaminated by Monsanto ‘ s ” Franken – pesticides ” ….. not to mention the plastic piping , and various other ” miscellaneous ” items that they burn at these times ; 3.) much less than 100 miles away ( from Kihei , about 35 miles from Maui ) an active volcano . Hmmmmmm……
    I wouldn ‘ t so much call it ” allergies ” as I would call it ” polluted air ” . I ‘ m sure big cities are worse , the ones I ‘ ve been in are anyways , but Kihei is not the place to come for fresh air . If you had to be on Maui , I’ d suggest something Hana way , I ‘d LOVE to be there myself , but we ( gf and myself ) are not bohemian millionaires , nor are we locals , so nix that idea . If you have the money it ‘s the place to be …..
    unless if you have problems with mold . In which case , Kaua ‘ i , and Hilo area would be bad for you …. they both have a very wet climate , as I ‘ m sure you know Hana area has as well ( although not nearly as wet ) .
    My ” best ” suggestion for you two , I ‘ d guess something on Oahu , away from the city for sure , maybe towards North Shore , although somewhere thats not tooo wet . Oahu doesnt seem to get the vog as badly ( although they did get a spell of it around the time of the World Series last year ) as islands that are closer to Big Island …..
    by the way , your husband prob got sick between May and August because of the wind pattern at that time of the year …. pulling vog from Big Island .
    Lastly , I am a runner , moved from Minnesota , and the amount of stamina I ‘ ve lost in the year and a half that I ‘ ve been here ………wow .( And I run at night mostly. ) They burned here on Friday and now several people at work ( today is Sunday ) are sick …… I guess my points are 1.) money always tries to blame people for their ” allergies ” as they are sickening people ; 2.) there are better places out here than Kihei .
    Good luck .

  2. Hi:

    Kona is beautiful, but is not the place to be for asthma suffers. The State of Hawaii has failed its’ residents, as it failed to report the detrimental effects of asthma for fear of losing tourist or real estate business. As a result, our people have suffered greatly both economically and and physically.

    As a runner, and unaware of the detrimental effects of vog like conditions, I have developed a severe respiratory condition. I have never smoked, have been running since a teenager. We need to unite to make the State accountable to its’ people. Why sacrafice profit for health? ALoha, Leilani

  3. Lived in Hawaii from 94 to 97 no problems at all with allergies. Returned in 07 after 10 years in NYC. I am having a terrible time with allergies since March. Confused about what to do, don’t want to leave after waiting 10 years to return.

    FYI to anyone that thinks that Hawaii is a good place for someone with allergies.
    We have the second highest rate of childhood asthma in the country.

  4. I have a daughter who has asthma. We live in Malaysia which ia a hot country . Im intending to send her to Ukraine or Moscow for studying (Russia i belive so very cold). Will she be okay ???if not wat a precaution to take??

  5. We went to Hawaii in 1997 and I became horribly ill. I am very allergic to mold, systemically, and am afraid to go back there. Can not find out anything on mold there, but am reading the blogs and think I should continue to stay far away. Does anyone know how to find out what the mold counts are?

  6. Thank jesus its not just me out there that feels like he is dieing from May- September. Dont get me wrong i feel terribly terribly distraught and sad for you two but you dont understand ive been trying to tell my doctor that I feel like Death when those months hit and hes just always , always blowing me off( ive lived on the island three years now fyi) and im soon to be done with it i just dont know if i can take this last allergy season to get the money i need or not, Because it really is that bad on me. Anywho i am so so sorry yet again that anyone is having to live threw even a fraction of what ive had to go threw being here and i wish yall the best of luck.

  7. I arrived in Oahu on Feb. 8th 2016, we stayed in Waikiki for four days then the North Shore for four days and right when I got here I noticed many people sneezing and clearing their throats and I thought that a bad cold n=must be going around, plus a lot of Asian people were wearing those face masks around, so I was worried about catching the cold also. But after the first few days I began getting itchy eyes and a scratchy throat and asthma/bronchitus and I thought that I was catching a cold, but it never developed into a cold with mucous and such, so I finally realized it must be allergies to something. It has been pretty sunny and windy, so that probably makers a lot of stuff (pollen, mold, etc.) in the air.
    Hopefully some allergy medicine will make me feel better.

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