Allergy in SF Bay and Austin TX

I lived in SF Bay Area and suffered seasonal allergy. Medication helped, but I was quite dependent on it. I then moved to Austin, Texas. And I’ve been living in hell since. I suffer year long severe allergy (the usual spring/fall allergy, plus winter – summer doesn’t count since you can’t really go out in 100+ anyway).

I’m considering moving out of the area. Although almost anywhere is better than Austin, I wonder if there’s a better place for me. I’m allergic to pretty much everything, but worst with “Bermuda Grass, English Rye, Mountain Cedar, and Chinese Juniper”.

By the way, my current top places to move are San Diego (CA), Seattle (WA), and Portland/Vancouver (WA). Appreciate any input. — Max, California

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  1. Max, I live in the village of Carlsbad, CA. I suffer from mold allergies, bermuda, red grasses, dust. Through the years I lived in NJ, MA, NH and Phoenix AZ. This climate is the best I have ever had for my allergies (and general comfort). I do live two blocks from the ocean, so I benefit from the ocean breeze. The only down side I experience is my proximity to the train station (lots of dust and bad stuff from the trains). But we keep the windows closed most of the time, air the house overnite at times, installed central A/C and are saving $$ to get rid of the carpet and install hardwood. Some people have had problems with the San Diego area, I suspect it may have to do with how far inland they are and what is around them. I would suggest checking the areas west of I-5 and north of San Diego. TBS.

  2. DO NOT move to Portland with your allergies. I am allergic to the same pollens that you have listed and it has been the most horific experience living near Portland! That area, and mainly the Willamette Valley, is the grass seed capital of the world. No joke. If you find something that works for you please let me know. I am looking to relocate asap and dont know where to go.

  3. I Max; I also live near Austin, Tx and have many allergies. I have not been tested to find out exactly what I am allergic to but think it is just about everything. I thought of retiring in Phoenix and you said you already lived there. What was it like?????

  4. Forgot to add, my allergist said San Diego would be the best place for me to live. Wish I could move, but we’re a military family and don’t have that option. I’ll be out of here soon though, thank goodness, as having to take steriods all the time for my allergies is wreaking havoc on my immune system. Best of luck!

  5. Well, we are in the middle of moving now, with the grace of God. My little boy suffers as well and the military is going to move us but we had to do so much to prove it was Washington State. Well, they said they would consider if we provided them with certain things. Which was not a problem at all.

  6. Max:

    I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area during the early 80’s. I found to have the best relief from allergies (hayfever) as long as I stayed within the fog belt. If you live within SF proper or Daley City you would be fine. Go too far north over the GG bridge or east over the bay brigde or south beyond the airport, then you will have problems. Stay within the fog belt. The Fog keeps the pollen down. Stay away from from the Portland/Vancover area unless you live on the water, perhaps the Columbia Gorge area could work. Seattle also stay on the water- Puget Sound Area. Good Luck.. Dennis

  7. Max,

    We live in Austin, too. I’m having significant allergy trouble here. We lived in San Jose, CA, for awhile. Had problems there, too. In fact, I’ve had allergy trouble everywhere we’ve lived EXCEPT Colorado. I truly did not have any symptoms there, and my allergies are bad. I don’t have trouble in San Diego either, but I’m only there for short periods of time.

  8. I lived in San Diego all of my life and I had one sinus infection after another. I lived 4 miles from the ocean and I believe the damp marine layer caused many of my problems since I am allergic to mold. I moved to Austin 2 1/2 years ago and my allergy problems have improved. I think it just depends on what your allergic to. The doctors here in Austin tell me that sooner or later the allergins here will get to you. I try to stay indoors on windy days. I like living here much better than San Diego. When the Santa Ana winds are bad in San Diego my friends call to tell me about their allergy problems. Low stress is also helpful with allergy problems. Good luck.

  9. We live in Killeen area of Austin Texas. Allergies are so bad we cannot go outside. My son suffers so severly from allergies he can’t go outside has high fever 102.0 F runny stuffy nose all the time, sthma atacks. The poor child can not go to school either. My other son has the same problems, runny stuffy nose, itchi eyes, headaches, sneesing coughing all the times. Myself, same symptoms. We have to move out of this area, we are just looking for the best place. I did alot of research and found that Seattle is one of the best places to be. It may be much colder then Texas but healthier for allergies. Also the see (pacific) should help alot with problems such as asthma, allergies and resperatory problems.

  10. Stay out of Portland. Ever since we moved Portland , I have major allergy issues. Constant runny nose and sneezing is a part of my life. Worst place to live if you have allergies. I am moving back to Bay Area CA , I never had any allergies there..

  11. I used to live in the bay area where my eyes constantly burned and my life seemed to be a steady series of sneezing fits. I live in new york now. Allergy free. But quality of life is much lower: stress! too many people! etc. etc. etc. The allergy relief is nice though…

  12. I was very healthy in California
    Moved to vancouver Washington
    Now my nose seems to always b
    Stuffy or runny or dry and sneezing why? Recommendations please!

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