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I was born with chronic asthma as much I got older it got more worse. in 2001 my asthma got really bad I was always in the hospital, I was admitted like once a month or sometimes once every 2-3 months. Then in 2002 I was getting asthma alot I was injecting myself with epipen but there times that I almost passed away. Then I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to move to Florida because of this illness.

Then I got to Florida I was still getting asthma but in 2005 it got really life threatning that I was going to the hospital every two weeks and now it’s from 3days to 2 weeks it just depends it starts all of sudden. When I get the bad asthma attacks my oxygen tends to go down from the 60’s to the 80’s and since I’ve been in Florida I had 10 pneumonias and i’ve been admitted almost all of these times. I also have diabetes and other medical conditions for my age. Like 3 days ago I just got discharged from the hospital and my husband had to call the ambulance because I had a very severe asthma attack and my oxygen was in the 80’s.

In nov 2, 2006 I’m going to a 2nd opionion to see if this doctor could help me out and if this doctor can’t not help me out my family and I planning to move out of Florida. I’m trying to find the dryest and cleanest climate. The doctors that I’ve been to told me that I should try going to the westside or even Georgia, or N. Carolina or South Carolina. It’s just hard to live a normal life and going to place with my kids like I use to do. I can’t even work because of this asthma. — Arlene, Florida

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  1. I live in ohio and my allergies are terrible, I spend most of the time with bronchitis my eyes water all the time looks like im always crying. I cant breathe through my nose I always feel bad. I was thinking of moving to florida because when we were there on vacation I didnt have any problems and felt great, I figured it was the salt in the air from the ocean, but after reading the other comments I dont know if its the best choice, I too am looking for some allergy relief.

    1. I live in Nevada and have asthma, dry climates mean blowing dust,we also get rain which means pollen and mold as well,I don’t think it matters where you live as much as how you live. I try to have my yard work done early spring,I now have rock instead of grass and only have roses in my my asthma is better. I plan on moving to Florida for the salt air and I love the beach.

    2. I have asthma and lived in Az. after leaving Ohio, My asthma got really bad there in Az. then I moved to Nevada, every move means a calm period of adjustment then my asthma will change due to each climate. No place is safe. You have to manage how you live in your area,stay out of the wind, watch what you plant, do yard work before peak pollen days. Its all in your asthma life style not so much climate or area, Good luck

  2. I have had severe allergies since I
    moved to North Carolina back about
    17 years ago. I also had extreme dry
    lips, sinusitus and many many other symptoms… I was a smoker in my late teens and early 20s and this did not help what developed into very dreadful Asthma, I too have tought of moving to a more hospitable climate though this isn’t neccesarily the choice that’ll help you. I have been many places and not always found relief. I know that extremes are not very good for Asthma, either hot or cold. Too moist or too dry both can be bad, depending on the type of Asthma and conditions you’ve with it. You really have to find out what type of weather is good for your asthma and what type of conditions best suite you.

    At the same time, I have found in house to have some of the worst conditions. Carpets, Pets, Dust, areas with lots of Foilage around them they can all worsen my symptoms. Areas clear of foilage and clear of allergens that affect me boost me… Also having stress, tiredness weakens my immunities to fight off Allergies and Asthma which are deadly together. I Do not know what’s right for you, but the best bet I can find so far is low stress, healthy living, good diet, good exercise with limits, and eliminate as many allergies as possible… Researching a better enviroment for Air is tough.. Some swear by Arizona, arid, dry and not as rich with plants… East Coast is a humid region… Depends on your symptoms… Good luck, it can destroy your life…Don’t let it ruin you mentally is most important thing, that’s when you really break!

  3. Have you guys ever heard of the National Jewish clinic in Denver, CO They specialize in asthma and eczema. My daughter was treated there and they are the best in the nation. Great place with great people. Look them up.

  4. I live in southern california in the low desert area. I can’t handle the allergies here. Our kids are sick all the time with allergies. It is a year round thing here. Our pollen count is always in the high or severe category. I was hoping to move somewhere where this will all go away, but it seems like it is just as bad everywhere else, according to the reports I have read on this site. We are just being worn down here with the allergies. I have never felt so bad for so many years. my Dad used to say, ” I don’t get allergies because I just don’t let myself.” After moving here about 2 years he has had the worst allergies, he agrees this area is bad. Out here you have the dust and sand blowing around a lot. It is always in my home. I never had problems when I visited Colorado is it bad there?

  5. Lived in West Palm Beach, Tampa, Tallahassee Florida, and now Northern Virginia. Pollen and mold allergies in Virginia are a living nightmare as compared to the Florida locations. Almost never had any symptoms in South Florida, moderate for about 2-3 weeks in the spring and fall in central Florida, and moderate to severe for about 3-4 weeks spring and fall in North Florida. Closer to the coast the better, and you have to keep indoor mold under control. If you’re allergic to dust mites, pet dander, etc, you have to deal with that as well. Noteworthy is a localized weather situation in South Florida (Daytona to Miami) that creates a sea breeze cycle throughout the year. It’s the reason for the pop-up showers every day during half the year and why trees all slant inland within a few miles from the coast. You get a daily (some portion) on-shore breeze most of the year and, last I checked, there’s no trees, grass, or weeds in the Atlantic. Checking indoor conditions is very important. Get a mold count before you commit to a house or apartment. Outdoor molds get suppressed by the rain and sea breeze, but once the indoor stuff gets started you could be in trouble.

  6. We are moving from Kansas to South Carolina or Atlanta. The humidity bothered my breathing a lot when I was in South Carolina looking at houses. Is this something I could adjust to? Is Atlanta any better? Closer to ocean I got the better my breathing. Is there an inhaler that will help more than asminex? I just got Ventolin for emergencies, will this help? I garden and would want to be outside. Is summer the worst and during the other seasons I would feel OK? I don’t want to move if I’m going to be miserable but we are really wanting to be in that area.

  7. I moved to Greenville, SC from Tampa FL. I never had any sinus issues or allergies in Florida, but have a lot of trouble with allergies and asthma in the spring and the fall here in SC. This area is dubbed the “allergy capital of the U.S.” The pollen in the spring coats everything with a yellow-green hue. I was told by an allergist here that I should live near the coast as the sea breezes keep the air clean. It’s beautiful here in the spring and the fall, but not much fun when you have to stay indoors.

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