Coast or beach, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas

I have not noticed anyone talk about moving to any coastal/ beach areas? For the past 4 years my wife and I vacation to florida and east coast (myrtle beach,south carolina). All allergy symptoms are pretty much gone when we’re there. My nose clears up, I can see better, less mental fog, etc. As soon as we get back to NW Arkansas, all symtoms come back! We are planning on moving to SC coast ASAP. — Rob

[Note from AllergyNurse: Actually, several have mentioned their experiences in coastal/beach areas. But your comment made me realize that I need to add that under ‘Locations’ in the right menu, so people can find it more easily. I’ve added it now, and linked items which refer to these areas. Thanks for pointing out this need!]

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  1. Hello Rob. Wondering if you ever had the chance to move to the coast? I live in FL, but not the coast. My allergies are horrible, but I read about the positive affect of salted air. I am also looking at a desperate mode of possible relocation. Please let me know how you are doing.

  2. This is my second spring to come to Myrtle Beach, SC (I’m actually here right now!) and my allergy symptoms disappear as soon as I get here. I never can have windows open in the house or car, but when I’m here I do both. I haven’t sneezed once since I’ve been here and didn’t the entire week last year. But as soon as I got back home to Ohio I felt terrible. This is the one place I’ve found where I don’t suffer. I’m ready to move here. I know this is where I’m going to retire someday!

  3. I am searching the web to see if it is true – that living by the sea can reduce allergies. So far all I’ve found is this:

    Anyone with any more info – please post links to this thread! I may be back to post if it turns out I find more info in case you’ve gotten here via Google like me. 😉

  4. I too always look forward to heading back to MB, SC. I go there a few times per year to visit family and have lived there acouple of years. Same scenario for me as the aforementioned post-I go there and my head clears up. Soon as I head back into the Appalachian Mountains back toward Ohio my head gets full of junk again. We have so many toxic trees here in East Central Ohio and the air in Mid-May to June is so noxious. There is a certain tree that grows rampant here with little white flowers on it that smells so strong-it almost gives me a headache. Right now the sinus drainage when I sleep really becomes a problem. Funny…when I’m not daydreaming to head back to the beach, I’m hoping for freezing weather in Winter to clean the air-both work equally well.

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