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From one of our readers

My family and I suffer from both outdoor and indoor allergies. I wanted to know if moving to a moisturized climate would be better for us? — Lola, California

A different reader writes

Eighteen months ago I moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Naples, Florida and am in the midst of a bronchial infection caused from sinus drainage. This condition has been ongoing for six weeks now.

I wonder now if it was such a wise idea to move from a high desert climate to reclaimed land that was once a large swamp? The torrential rainfall we have here in southwest Florida probably doesn’t help — Lewis, Florida

Most people find that allergy symptoms lessen in dryer climates or seasons, and worsen with increased humidity. Increased humidity promotes mold spore growth and provides an ideal environment for dust mites. It is also harder to breathe as the barometer goes up. Those of us in more humid areas are often helped by a using dehumidifier continually during high moisture seasons. You can read about my own experience with a dehumidifier here.

However, a humidifier is sometimes prescribed on a temporary basis to soothe the airways and help loosen secretions of chronic infection or other special needs. Unless specifically ordered by your physician, humidifiers should not be run continually because they can promote growth of mold and dust mites. Talk with your physician about what is best for you.

It is always good to spend time in an area you are considering moving to. Visit during different seasons. Even so, there is no sure way to determine how your body will react to the new climate once you move there.

One of our patients who moved to a drier climate a few years ago found that she did not need to continue her shots there at first. But eventually symptoms worsened to the point that she started allergy injections again.

Others have told me that changing climates relieved their symptoms and eliminated their need for injections.

One of our sponsors, National Allergy Supply, has an excellent selection of dehumidifiers as well as a germ-killing humidifier. They also have an excellent reputation as a professional company with down-home values, and I am proud to be able to recommend their products to you.

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  1. Are areas closer to the beach,better places for people with allergies?Do humid places make allergies worse?Do Places like bay area have allergies at a lower level compared to southern states?Please suggest

    1. I am presently 40 miles west of Philadelphia PA. I am suffering like a dog from ragweed and now am power washing the mold from the siding. I spent this past summer in Lewes DE testing my allergies at the shore point and looking for a retirement home. It was the same down at the beach as it was here in Hatfield PA. My wife had more severe asthma down at Lewes. I have lived in South Philly, Hatfield PA., East Orange NJ, and High Point NC. I have done some extensive traveling to 35 different states on average for about 10 to 14 days at least 1 time monthly for 30 years. I haven’t found any relief anywhere. I appreciate the suggestions and synergy.

      1. Blue Knight, I’m glad you found this post helpful. If you haven’t done so, you may want to talk with your doctor about possible allergy shots or drops.

    2. Areas closer to the beach are better for allergies because pollen counts are lower. Humid places do make allergies worse. According to research I have done the smaller metro areas in New Mexico, west Texas , Arizona , and Southwester Ca. have the lowest colleen counts in the US. places in the Rocky Mountains are also excellent choices. Soutern states are the worst.

  2. Everyone is different. As I wrote above, “Most people find that allergy symptoms lessen in dryer climates or seasons, and worsen with increased humidity.” But some prefer more humid climates.

    As to specific areas, the people who live in the various areas are more expert than I of how that particular climate affects their allergies. Look through the posts and comments listed under the various areas in the sidebar categories (click on a state or area to see them). Can someone offer any specific suggestions to Amy?

  3. Living at the beach for me definitely helps. The south is the worst place for allergies I’ve ever lived, and having grown up there. I live in Northern California now in a dry climate. In general, my asthma is better, but my allergies are still serious. I recently went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks, and guess what- no allergies whatsoever. I’m home now and sick . I surf, and whenever I am on surf trips I experience no allergies whatsoever. The ocean air definitely helps.

  4. I move to the Bay Area from New Jersey, and I have developed severe asthma which seems to be outdoor air-dependent. There seems to be no downtime in allergies in the Bay Area: something is always blooming/pollinating. Again, people are different. But after talking to several allergists I am coming to a conlusion that a climate with no winter is no good for allergics/asthmatics. Every time I travel out of CA (or go to the high sierra) I feel much better. I am moving out as soon as I can. I need a climate with a long, dry winter.

    1. Bay Area has a lot of smog and because of the fog, holds a lot of pollutants in the air, and the monterey bay area is starting to get bad also…Lake Tahoe is awesome for keeping allergies at bay for me.

      1. For people with mold allergies and/or diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, there may be exacerbating factors around Lake Tahoe, which could make it a bad place for them to move. Google “origins of CFS” and “lake tahoe” and such, you’ll find some references.

    2. We were living in the bay area and my older son had severe dust mite allergies. When ever we came to Saskatoon in Canada to visit my in laws, he would be clear.

      One day against doctor’s advice, we decided to move to Saskatoon which has a long dry winter. My son has been without any medication and has been living a normal life ever since.

  5. I live in Loisville, KY and I am sick of tne allergies.I have constant headaches,sinus pressure and swollen face all the time.
    I want to find a State in the U.S with the least allergies known.
    Can you help me to find a good place to enjoy life?

  6. I’m on assignment in Bogota, Colombia and have been almost allergy free for the past 3.5 years.
    I had a sinus cyst that does not show up in my CT scan anymore. Mu nasal voice is gone…even with my severely deviated septum.

    It rains here, so humidity is not a factor. High altitude (2,600 meters) and cool weather (eternal spring) seem to keep offending pollen down. I think the fact that I’m not in and out of air conditioning has also helped.

    I love it here, and I’m an ocean person!!

  7. i live in chicago all my live also had asthma since i was 2years old and i moved to Puerto Rico for 1 year, that was the best time in my whole asthma live i only used my asthma meds 2 times and that was when i had my son there. and i loss so much weight there because i didn’t need any meds and i worked out without having a asthma attack but now i’m back in chicago and i was fine the 1st few weeks and now i’m back to my old ways always sick and useing all my meds again so does topical weather help with asthma?

  8. Well, I live in Madison, WI and I have been suffering from chronic sinus for more that 10 year and now I have asthma too. This sucks. I am 53 and am sick all the time, so it seems with sinus infections that do not go away with any treatment. I miss too much work. I was thinking of a different climate too, but not sure where. I love the beaches and am not a country person. I do not want to leave the United States. That is not an option.

    I know it is different for each person. As you get older, and still need to work, you just cannot pick up and move as you can when you are younger.

    Frustrated in Wisconsin!

  9. I feel there is no perfect place to live.
    I find that it is helpful to take a drive away from your area on the weekends as it gives yur body a rest from the allergies that build up in your environment and area.
    As far as the beach goes forget about it!
    We moved to the beach because we thought it was the best for our asthma—
    as it turns out we had 6 months of red tide which is the worst for asthma — it is actually dangerous for people with asthma and senior citizens,,, and the worst part is that it can come and go in a day or a week but you wont hear about it until it is for a month then it is in the news.

  10. Yep, location does definetly matter. I lived in Maryland before for decades and then moved up north (western new york) for few year. My allergy issues totally disappeared. I even forgot I have allergy issues that I decided to move back after spending few years there. Once I moved back to MD, the allergy issues resureface in full force. MD is humid & hot in the summer. Somewhat cold in the winter but not quite wintery, so this mild winter condition keeps all the ofenders alive. Thus as mentioned above, areas with strong and long winter tend to clear up lots of the allergens and are suitable areas at least some of allergy sufferers.

  11. We moved from NJ to Maine to breath the fresh air, live a simple life and be healthier. We are in Maine now, on the oceans edge with beauty all around us. WE moved in 4/2001 and now for two years I have been very ill. Turns out mold, dust mites are a big problem and I have developed asthma. It is peaceful, quiet, promising, untouched, good neighbors, calm atmosphere, yet I cannot enjoy it. So now what do I do. I lost sense of smell from all the sinus infections and am on a steriod to rid the brochial conditions.

  12. Has anybody considered that maybe the air quality is even more important than humidity? I live in South Central PA and our air quality is terrible. I suffer from allergy problems as well as sinus problems. Throw severe arthritis in the mix and I have a real problem.

  13. I live in Wisconsin and my allergies are driving me crazy!! On a scale from one to ten it is a 9 at times. My eyes itch like mad, along with the inside of my nostrils are itching and at night my nose is running whereby I go thru an entire box of kleenex and keep q-tips next to the bed to itch the inside of my ears!! I NEVER HAD allergy problems and i am in my 50’s and live in on acreage in the country and take daily hikes. All the grass, trees, mold, etc MUST be getting to me plus the humidity worsens the symptoms. God forbid I keep the a/c off or i’d be miserable…so the bills stay high to keep the air cond on all summer long. I used to live at 8,000 feet in the mountains and never had allergies. Possibly its because at higher elevation curtails “things like mold and spores” to flourish. I did spend 4 months at the beach on the West Coast and was very surprised and disappointed that I DID HAVE allergy symptoms, there, too. So…maybe I need to move to a city with little or null vegetation or back to the mountains?

  14. I live in Washington state, my sinus infection have gotten worest since moving here from New Mexico, I cannot get rid of this infection plus my asthma has become a problem also.

    1. I live in Washington state also and moved here in 2013 from Las Vegas,NV and my sinuses are horrible here I get sinus pains in my forehead when it rains and stuff

  15. I was born and raised in Illinois and my allergies started when I was in high school. My asthma developed during my senior year. Upon graduation, I moved to Washington, DC for college, but ended up living there for almost 11 years. During my DC stint, I had severe sinus problems that included infections and the worsening of my allergies. Whenever I go to Costa Rica (no matter what part of the country–the San Jose area or Guanacaste), I have CONSTANT problems with allergies and sinuses. However, when I did an internship in Cuzco, Peru (which is something like 12,000 feet above sea level if not higher), I had NO asthma problems (aside from huffing and puffing due to being out of shape and having to go up and down those steep hills) and definitely no sinus problems even though the air was so dry that my nose bled and ended up having to get a special nose gel from the pharmacy. But I did not have any sinus infections or anything. I drank coca tea the whole time I was there and at least 2 liters of water a day. Now that I am back in Illinois for the time being, my allergies are still bad and my sinuses give me a hard time. They aren’t as terrible as they were in DC and Costa Rica, but they are still a nuinsance.
    Basically, drinking water definitely helps.

  16. I’ve had allergies for awhile, however the past 4 years have been the worst. The S.F. bay area is not a place for allergy sufferers. There are so many varieties of plants/trees that grow here, if you don’t have an allergy to one type, you will to another.
    Whenever I go to the mountains I feel much better, no sniffing, and asthma is almost non existent. I think it has a lot to do with the air quality here. There is way too much smog in this valley. I also read on a asthma website, allergic people should not live in valleys, because it holds in all the pollen and smog. They are so right.

  17. I live in Atlanta, GA. I had an opportunity to visit Phoenix, AZ a few years ago and while I was there, I had NO sinus or allergy problems at all.

    1. I was born in AZ (Phoenix) and aside from being sick every once in awhile a few allergies to plants, had NO ongoing sinus allergies. Moved to AK (Juneau) and similar disposition, likely due to the long winter. I got sick more often though.. Then 3 yrs in NC and no allergies or sickness at all while in the Army (physical conditioning will do wonders). Then to WA state (the dry side with a Winter) and no allergies…..THEN Seattle. Downhill ever since. I think most people who live in Seattle have allergies or are just undiagnosed yet. nearly constant sinus pressure for months on end. OTC meds stave it off abit. staying in shape helps a bit, but it doesn’t go away. Multiple high end air filters in the house, maybe help a tad. I’m sure we have some mold spores in places, pending cleaning. But the air in the puget sound has them so one really can’t get away from it. I’d like to try to dehumidify the house a bit and risk some nose bleeds if I can convince the wife. PS _ I took a busniess trip to Phoenix a year ago and literally overnight I felt sinuses clearing up. Good luck all!

  18. I live in long island , NY . I have itchy nose, and I sneeze a lot. I feel some times like if I had fever
    with minor migraine. I noticed that these symptoms increase when I eat sweets(cookies, … etc)

  19. I live in Florida,moved from Ohio.Allergies are much worse here,however,my wife and I go to Phoenix quite a bit and they seem no better there,but we are only there for 2 weeks,and may not be enough time to tell for certain.I have run the gamut of allergy testing,and the one fact that remains is as you grow older,your immunity decreases,so finding the perfect place may indeed change with age.Whats good for one,is bad for another and it appears there is no pat answer as to where to live.Im allergic to 30 out of the 36 items tested.Some people may also find they are allergic to their pets and not know it.My advice is to get allergy tested,not necessarily go through the immune program,but at least you will know what to try and avoid.If shots help,by all means do that,but alot of minor allergies can cause the same reactions as one potent one(in my case).So I cannot avoid all the things I am allergic to,I can just do the best I can

  20. Hello. I’ve had allergies all my life. I’m now 45 and still have major sinus problems. I live in Michigan so basically I’m surrounded by water. It’s very humid here in the summer and very dry in the winter. Doesn’t matter what season here, it sucks. Mold is my worst enemy and if I remember correctly, was allergic to all but 1 mold that I was tested for as a child. I then had allergy shots for years as a child and my body built up a toxicity to them and put me in the hospital. No more of that. Basically I just do OTC stuff and suffer through it. When I get a sinus infection, I call my doctor and she calls in a script for me. She knows my sinus patterns well.
    I sure wish there was this magical place where we allergy sufferers could go and live without feeling like crap all the time.
    Does anyone else feel like a walking barometer too? Based on my headaches and the amount of pressure I feel, I can always tell when the weather is changing. I don’t want to be a barometer anymore. 🙁

  21. Hi! everyone… I live in Salem Oregon.
    And I have really bad allergy.
    Can anyone tell me what state have dry place.. so I could move.
    thanks… 🙂

  22. Based on the replies written,iit looks like only allergy sufferers are reading this.You won’t get comments from anyone in “good” places since they are not suffering from allergies and won’t look up this site. I tried to figure out which states are not discussed here at all and deduced this is where people without allergies are living. Here are some ideas:
    Iowa, Arkansas, Kansas, South Dakota,North Dakota,Minnesota, Montana. These states are never mentioned and may be providing relief to people. I currently have a sinus infection from mold and it got worse in S.Carolina due to dampness and I was near the coast. Making your own salt water and irrigating your nose and throat is a big help, but tastes bad. Allergies build up to a threshold and then turn into infection. Your enviornment contains many culprits but when you reach your “max limit” you get a full blown attack of asthma or a sinus infection. Minimize your current environment indoors, declutter spaces, damp mop ledges, floors, blinds. No drapes, wash bedding often in hot water,buy new cheap pillows often, no feathers,remove papers and magazines, nicknacks. Alot of relief can be had in making small improvements in your home and work spaces.

    [Response from AllergyNurse: Mary, thank you for taking time to research this. But while the states you’ve listed may not be mentioned in this post, allergies have been reported in every state in the US. I live in Arkansas, and we rank high for allergies. As an allergy nurse, I have given thousands of allergy shots in Arkansas through the years. You can check states by location in the sidebar, as well as by typing the name of a state into the search box. You’ll find that no state is exempt from allergies but, depending on your allergy, you may find relief in a different climate.]

  23. I live in SD and am currently being treated for sinus and bronchial issues. I am allergic to nearly everything. The Dr. today said perhaps I should consider moving – where?!

  24. I have allergies and live in S. Dakota. My allergies get quite bad in the spring, but winter seems to provide a little relief. Also lived in Iowa for 20 years and don’t really remember that much of a problem with allergies, I didn’t need to go get on medicine until moving to S. Dakota anyways.

  25. I grew up in Ohio and didn’t seem to have any allergy problems with dust mites until I moved to South Dakota later in life. There, I was feeling fine and had no problems. Being away from Ohio for longer periods seemed to have an impact to my body because after a few years in South Dakota, I noticed I was starting to be allergic to dust mites in Ohio. It got worse and worse every time I visited my Father in Ohio. Then I realized I was feeling fine in dry climates than in humid climates so dry climate places were the best places I was able to live without allergy problems. In fact, I live in Texas where it’s always dry!

  26. When I lived in Florida, I had sinus and bronchitis problems all the time. When I lived in California, my sinuses were plugged all the time until the Santa Ana winds wreaked havoc. Then I had a runny nose and sore throat, and felt like I was sick with the flu all the time. Since I moved to Idaho, my sinuses drain, but I don’t have the thick mucous discharge like I had in Florida and California. Living in a high desert environment has seemed to help me.

  27. Hi…Not sure if anyone is still reading this but wanted to respond to the post that says perhaps areas not mentioned are more likely to be allergy free. Good idea I thought! Then I saw Kansas on the list…I’ve lived in northeastern Kansas my entire 30 years and my allergies are very bad! This region of Kansas is covered in foliage though so that is most likely the culprit. Perhaps the western part of the state would be better…Higher elevation and much drier air. Anyway….Good luck to all! Happy breathing 🙂

  28. I’ve been reading through this looking for a better climate for my wife. I think that antibodies which develop increasingly over time in response to an allergen play a key role in deciding where to live. If you remove yourself from the allergen associated with an antibody, the antibody stops causing histamine production. If you return to those allergens, the histamine machine powers up again. It’s possible (I guess) that antibodies are specific enough to be triggered by one biological variant of an allergen, but not another. For that reason, what I’m starting to conclude is that it may be best to move to an unpolluted area that minimizes exposure to what you are allergic to most, as opposed to finding an idyllic destination for all allergy sufferers.

  29. I’ve had sinus/allergies all my life,living in TX. I moved to AZ for four years and was allergy free.The colder,dry air helped me.In TX, I’m mainly bothered by ragweed,and cedar pollen.

  30. Hello,

    I moved to Bay area 6 months ago from Southern California. The allergy is killing me here. Every morning around 4.00am I start sneezing for couple of hours and then by body gets tired quite a bit by end of the day. I gone through all allergy tests and they are negative. What could be possible? I lived in Southern california for almost 11 years and had this problem twice for 3 months period in last 4 years.

    I will appreciate any help.


  31. I saw that one person was asking about Bend, Or. I live in Redmond, about 14 miles north, and I never had any allergy problems until I moved here. About 3 years after moving here I developed allergy problems. Many people in this area are allergic to the juniper and sagebrush; I have a condition called Idiopathic Angioedema, which causes swelling and although I’ve been tested for dozens of allergens, I am negative on everything. So they don’t know what’s causing it. I lived in Eugene where the climate is humid, and had bronchitis. Now that I’m here I get sinus infections all time. My teenagers are sick all the time too with sinus infections; both of them have had pneumonia too. So I don’t know if there is such a thing as a “good” climate.

  32. I am from the southeast coast of Brasil…and live here in the states for about 10 years. Here in Col Springs is so dry climate and supposelly would be great for who has dust mites allergy..well I found out that whenever I travel to beach areas (was in San Diego just this last week) I feel much better and no symptons of allergies whatsoever…It is defintivelly difficult to determine which area is better, since humidity is not good t all for allergies…but surelly I feel much much better closer to the ocean.
    Maybe not the humidity but the sea salt in the air is the answer…

  33. I lived in New Orleans and had horrid sinus infections all the time. Moved to Austin, Texas and for the first couple of years it was great, but developed asthma related allergy causing me to cough a lot. Moved to the Sierras near Lake Tahoe and my allergies continued and were worse when a storm came in. I moved here in New Mexico and am sick constantly to the point that I was having to get breathing treatments. Just had allergy testing done and discover I am allergic to most trees, all grasses and weeds, 3 of 6 molds, sage is a real problem. Thank God I am not allergic to dogs and cats or dust mites. I have to decide if I am going to take shots or if I am going to move. Moving is a traumatic thought LOL. I also wouldn’t want to move somewhere and be as sick or worse. I know someone else that lived here and had to move back to AZ because she couldn’t breathe here. We have a summer monsoon season and it causes everything under the sun to grow. Perhaps if I lived up in the mountains here I’d do better, but am in the valley where we have wind or strong breezes most of the time. That just stirs everything up.

  34. I visit Beverly Hills Florida for 3 months-January, February, and March.

    It has been very warm this year and the tree pollen count is very high. I have had bronchitius once and a sinuis infection!!!!! I was wondering if allery shots would help. I hate being sick!!!!

    1. Kathy, would be helpful to know where you live when you are not in Beverly Hills, FL. Do you have any allergies in that location? If each year you are in FL during the months that tree pollen is usually heaviest, shots might be worthwhile for you. You would need to be tested to trees in the location you are now because the allergist there will stock the trees prominent in your location. Shots would need to be given year round for them to be effective during the three months you are there. If you have allergies where you live the other 9 months/year, you would want to include those also. That would be more complicated, as allergists generally stock only testing vials of allergens that are prevalent in their area. Either way, you would have to talk with the allergist you choose about who would give/oversee your injections while you were in the other location.

  35. Thank you. I live in Northern Ohio and sometimes have some sinus
    problems but not like in Beverly Hills Florida. Would I be able to get shots for just 3 months? Thank you for your help.

    What is the best over the counter meds for this problem.

  36. Ok, I live in Arizona, close to the mexico and new mexico lines. We are in what is called the high desert. When i moved here four years ago I found that my need for my inhalers lessened and now i don’t use them at all for asthma. My doctors say that my lungs sound wonderful. I moved here from missouri. And the first year here, my allergies were almost non-existent. But over the last year they have gotten worse and worse and now I am constantly having sinus problems pain and sensitivity. Even people who have lived here most of their lives have said they are having trouble they have never had before. The dry conditions were “ideal” from what I understood. Not much mold really. Frequent vacuuming can reduce dust mites. I was excited to have no asthma symptoms. But this is actually becoming a nightmare. My eyes feel so painful it is hard to use them. The pressure is immense. The doctors have been trying steroid shots and antibiotics and otc drugs. Nothing is helping now. I am beginning to think maybe there is no safe place for those with problems like this.

    1. Has your eye doctor ever done a test with litmus paper for dry eyes? Dry seasons and climates make dry eyes much more uncomfortable. Try artificial tears. I like the generic Refresh tears. For extreme dry eyes, your physician may be able to prescribe other meds to help.

  37. Very interesting reading. I know I am not alone. Until this year I was the one with allergies. Now. my husband has the same bad cough and is taking meds to dry his sinus. He has lived in the high desert of Central Oregon for 20 years. Came over from the wet valley. We married in 1999 and I moved into this area. We are away all winter in San Felipe, Mexico. I would like to report “no allergies” but can’t. Although. we are at sea level, have sunshine every day, and life is good. I came back this year with a lingering “mild” cough that has grown worse and worse since May 1. We both are suffereing now, so can make our plans together. It is no longer “all about me.” We have been trying to sell his house here for 8 years. We may rent in the future to allow us flexibility.

  38. I live in Cottage Grove Oregon,about 25 minutes south of Eugene,OR. FYI,for anyone wanting to move here with allergies…everyone told me this is Death Valley for those with allergies.Put it this way,I had no allergies in Idaho,then we moved here,and guess what? Can’t even leave the house without taking tons of allergy meds. Just thought Id let y’all know. 🙂 We are looking to move to a drier climate,not just for me but for my disabled son as well. Too much rain and mud here…
    Fellow Allergy Sufferer

  39. HI all. I live in Mexico. Uruapan, mich. Mex. I had never had any kind of alergy untill this April 09 ( my 40 years old birthday ). it is rainy and humid here. we are at 1850 mts above sea level here ( dont now about feet). I was so worried about this because I was thinking it was mouth cancer or worse. Only a few days ago, I realized that it was an alergy to dust and humidity. I had live here for 18 years without any problem and now I feel like runing away and do not know where to. I was planning to visit siattle washington next month, but now I think it wouldn’t be a good idea. thaks a lot for all your comments.

  40. Hi everybody.
    I live is southeast Brasil. My sinnus is with me everyother day. Just went to NYC 02 weeks ago. Point. No cough [except for the air conditioning], no nebulizer, no corticoids! Even with all the pollution. The minut I stepped back into Rio, I had to go into all my medication, and haven’t been able to sleep since I arrived to to cough. The funny thing is that I had to move from Denver, 20 years ago, due to the serious condition of my allergies. It is hard to understand.

  41. A lot of the serious conditions listed here are from built up toxins in our atmosphere. When you pollute increasingly decade after decade it is impossible to hide from it. Allergies and other illness are on the rise everywhere. I think in a few more decades it will be clear to everyone we are being poisoned from all the build up of pollution. If you try to breath in your garage with the doors closed and your car running it will kill you. Same thing really.

  42. I moved to Los Alamos NM, almost 9 yrs. Ago, wiich is very dry, and have Junipers and pines al over, I developed allergies even in food, and also my kids, many people here has allergies. We do have constant fire smoke, right now ithe worst have being going for over a week and is not doing any good. I came from Ecuador were is very humid and hot, and lived close to the sea coast, after experiencing bad allergies my daugther and I went to a trip to Ecuador last year in the most hot and humid season, we were clear, our skins got soft and smooth, we were able to eat everything there without any bad reaction…..spent good time at the beach in their nice and warm water, we met few retired people from US visiting and shopping for a place to live because of their allergies and said they felt clear too.

    1. I have severe lung and sinus problems. My wife and I have considered retiring in Ecuador. What area of that country did you live that your allergy symptoms were better? We were thinking of a beach town. Thanks!

  43. Hi, I’ve suffered terribly with allergies, sinusitis, and rhinitis infections since moving from N.Y. to the Southeast. Dr.’s here recommended several sinus and nasal surgeries, which I had done, and immunotherapy twice, but none of it improved my health. After spending thousands of dollars in our home environment to make all the doctor and Home Environmentalist recommended changes, my health hasn’t improved at all. GRRR! We have seriously contemplated moving to Tucson Arizona, but have second thoughts now per thinking the missing piece to my feeling better is to avoid air conditioning. I’m realizing forced central air conditioning triggers my sinus problems, which started when I left N.Y. and moved to moved to the Southeast being Atlanta, Georgia and now Tampa, Florida. I need to find a location to live where the weather doesn’t require air conditioning and its not like living in freezing Siberia. I also need low humidity to diminish the dust mite and mold allergens. I know North and South Dakota and Wyoming are NOT good places for me per there being farm states raising crops, which always increase pollens and high mold spore counts. I noticed the latest list of the 100 worst places to live with allergies didn’t include W. Virginia, but I figure that may be a mistake as all the adjoining states are on that cursed list. Any suggestions on a location?

  44. I’ve never met anyone with worse allergy and sinus problems than myself. I lived in NJ as a kid and moved to S Fl as a teenager. I’ve been through every procedure imaginable. Adnoids, tonsils, polyps, turbinites etc removed. Sinus surgery, allergy shots, pills, sprays etc. Not a damn thing has worked over the years. Maybe slowed it down but all symptoms came back full force.

    Tried a netti pot and it helped sooth but hasn’t done anything of substance. I just went to an ENT who gave me a shot inside both nostrils to reduce the swelling and some more sprays. It sucks. I never feel 100% healthy and because I’m a health nut everyone calls me the heathiest sick guy they ever met.

    I was told a climate that is dry such as Nevada or Arizona is much better than humid climates such as South Fl. However, after reading these comments I’m disappointed. Very frustrating!

  45. My allergies are the worst here in Dallas Tx. Sinus, asthma, pneumonia and ear infection. I have had allergies all my life but they are worse here in Texas. Different areas of the country are better for me. I had lived in Colorado, no allergy problems, Springfield, Illinois I almost died from allergies, lived in Detroit, MI, no problems, Atlanta, GA was bad for my allergies. If I had it my way, I would be in Colorado and not living in Texas!

  46. wow this is the most comprehensive look into allergies that i’ve ever seen….well i enjoy reading it n learning from others…i never had any allergy issues in my life up until i was 19 years old…it started very mild n subtle but every year sinced it has gotten worse to the point where now my life is miserable…i am 33 years old n i hate my life, people think ur always sick, noone really understands how difficult it is to live like this…right now as i’m writing this i am needing to stop to wipe my nose…all doctors wanna do is give u allegra or claritin and decongestants…i have year long allergies…funny thing is i sleep fine, but as soon as i open my eyes around 5 am my sneezing starts, then my runny nose starts, then congestion, sinus pressure and headache follow by itchy n red eyes…i hate taking pills but i have no choice i can’t function if i don’t…i am in the national guard and i’m a police officer and is embarrasing sometimes as i’m interviewing a victim or trying to take a report and having to wipe my nose….im starting to lose my sense of smell n i’m often fatigue n ill mood….i live in nyc but i’m finally starting to consider moving out and gonna have to leave both of my jobs so i’ll have to take a huge pay cut n is unfair to my family but i can’t continue to live like this if i can avoid it…allergic pills stopped working for me…have to double n tripple dose n in some instances take 4 or 5 pills in one day….my allergist says i’m allergic to roaches dogs cats n hickory trees….i have none of that stuff….i bought multiple air purifiers to no avail….now i’m going to buy a dehumidifier..i saw my ENT but she is useless…i’m going to get a dev septum surgery in a few weeks hoping that might help sooth my problems although she said my dev septum is very mild…my girl whos a nurse thinks i should check out my lungs…she doesn’t understand how there is no cure n so do i…i was in PR in april but my allergies were still bad over there…i lived in florida n i still had allergies…i did go to arizona for a few days but i can’t rem whether i had allergies…lol i’m going to look into high altitutes n dry places….is gonna have to be a huge sacrifice but i’m sure u guys understand its horrible living with chronic allergies….any how i don’t know if this helps anyone but hopefully it does…take care…..

  47. It’s been quite some time since I posted here. Couple of years I think. My allergies just got worse and worse. I finally decided to do the allergy shots and I go once a week and get two shots. I understand I will need to do this for about 5 years. But, I can already tell a slight difference. I still have problems but nowhere as bad as before the shots. I’ve been on the shots for five to six months. I use an inhaler and nose spray but take no other meds now. I used to take EVERYTHING. LOL I suffer from sleep apnea and will be doing the deviated septum and turbinates surgery on Tuesday. HOping for a good outcome both for the sleep apnea and the allergies.

  48. I moved from NJ to Southern Cali… My allergies are out of control here and I take daily meds. In retrospect I remember having to “tolerate” the two months of summer in NJ while waiting for fall. What’s a hot weather allergy? The blood tests show nothing. #fun

  49. I have noticed my allergies get a little better when I get down to 1000 calories of none of the top eight allergens…. dairy, soy,wheat etc etc… It’s like an Atkins or a Fuhrman diet…. Two different things I know but my body reads them the same when I eat clean. I am trying to do a rotation diet and eat clean and chemical free and hopefully my immune system will reset without me having to go on a fast. Hope this helps. Xx wish me luck. #JustCawlMeSneezy 🙂

  50. To suffer or not to suffer and solutions do exist. Born and raised in central Ct for 28 allergy sinus trouble free yrs i moved to Tucson,Az when after 2 yrs allergies kicked in 1st time in my life. One day i was driving to work sneezing like crazy my head bobbing up n down with eyes watering so bad i could not see to drive and had to pull off the road several times. That’s when i decided i’m not going to live like this. That status quo ‘oh i have allergies” is bs, i’m sick and i’m going to cure this. Since i’m not a big proponent of western medicine’s there’s a pill for every thing i hit the books. herbs, homeopathic remedies, getting the bodies ph levels close to where they “should” be, cutting back severely on dairy, and all foods made from flour; though my allergies were pollen and dust based, this controlled things 90% to 99% for me. It seems like the dairy and flour based foods provide the right environment for the pollens to play havoc because when i stayed away from those foods symptoms decreased rapidly and the natural remedies were an addition supporting the overall wellness of the body. For the 13yrs i lived there the better my diet the more in check my allergies were so less natural remedies were needed. Then i moved back to Ct where i spent 15 allergy free yrs and ate more than my fair share of Sally’s pizza in New Haven. Since i don’t ski i moved to a small town in the southwestern part of NM with the nicest climate i’ve lived in and at a 6K ft elevation. Yea you know “their back” allergies again. Ofcoarse i did what worked before but i wanted a cure, as in get ride of allergies like done and gone forever. One new to me piece of info at this time is dry climates irritate the respiratory system. Then i came across a book on juicing by Dr Norman Walker and followed allergy recipes to the letter resulting in getting as close to a cure as i probably will get. Most the time i’m allergy free, but when i do a very slight running nose is all. I’ve had the medical conditions of arthritis and tumors that were dissolved/cured by following this book too. I’ll spare you all the details but best 7 bucks i ever spent.. :>)

  51. I just came back from 3 weeks in Lead, SD…didn’t use my peak flow, didn’t have to. Walked up 250 steps at Mt. Rushmore and another 187…rested a few times, but asthma was almost non existent…back on the coast here in Texas and my chest and back and throat hurts so bad. I cannot get any air in and my breathing tests are NOT coming back good at all. On much stronger meds which I hate to take, not sleeping at ALL. Kids want to stay here in Texas and go to school with friends, I am ready to move…

  52. I live on Long Island New York and have allergies for which I do medicate but from October 31 until November 30 I am plagued with constant nasal and sinus infections sometimes with ear involvement. Quite often the post nasal drip causes me to get pneumonia. Two years ago I had the right middle lobe of my lung removed because a bacteria was trapped in the collapsed part of my lung and kept reinfecting me. I don’t know what could still be going on from October 31 to Nov 30 that’s making me sick. Any ideas?

    1. Donna, have you seen an allergist and been tested to see what you may be allergic to, and to discuss what might be the best treatment for your allergies? You may also need to call your physician at the first sign of infection to determine if antibiotics are indicated to keep the infection from worsening or spreading. Perhaps others in Long Island will offer some ideas that may help also.

  53. Reading this all has made me not feel so alone.

    I was born and raised in Austin, TX with few allergy issues other than occasional infection about once a year for most of my life into adulthood. I moved to Auburn, AL last summer and didn’t think anything of new allergies I might encounter. I’ve traveled the world and lived in SC for a while and never thought once I might have some bad allergies, until now. Since the very first day of Spring March 20 – I began having headaches – at first I thought it was just barometric headaches that I’d have from time to time with rainy seasons in the South. But this one has latched on and not left in nearly 2 months.

    I consulted Dr. Google and convinced myself it was a brain tumor. But once I got to a Dr he assured me it was tension, but between dicloflenac and cyclobynz – nothing has made the headaches GO away. The diclo seems to hold the headaches at bay for hours at a time, and the cyclobynz seemed to loosen some possible tension. My Dr only mentioned on the first visit that my nose and ear passages were inflamed and gave me flonase which I am now out of, need to get more since it seemed to help the facial pressure. I never realized that sinus related headaches could affect your whole head and face, though I do believe because of my constant worry of it there is legitimate tension to blame.

    I went on a trip to Las Vegas and Phoenix, and noticed my pain was much less and next to nil, especially in LV. But I returned yesterday from my trip and as if I flipped a switch, my sinus pain and headaches returned full force – I had the worst sleep last night because my jaws and forehead and temples would not stop aching. I took 2 tylonel which finally kicked in, but only took the edge off enough an hour later. But 4.5 hours later, I wake up with an achy head.

    With no insurance, it’s been very hard paying for my Dr visits, and he has now sent me to a neurologist, for which I am waiting on an appointment (though I really think I need an ENT).

    Rawr. I never had headaches like this in my life. Sometimes dull and achy, sometimes feels like a pinch out of no where. My ear hurts on and off, my face feels swollen and there are tender spots all over my scalp and back of my head. I can literally feel junk in my face move as I move my head around – so it must be allergies. I have minimal congestion, thank God, and only a small cough and drainage from time to time. But both me and my fiance have suffered several exterior and interior nosebleeds which leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Mainly, the headaches are what are driving me bananas. Even when I am not in pain, I feel pressure and know the pain is ready to pounce 🙁

    I hope to move back to TX – not that the climate is much different in the central part of the state as it is to AL, but my guess is my body has been introduced to a whole new host of allergies this Spring as it’s my first Spring in AL – and it’s awful.

    If anyone else can relate to Alabama allergies, or my pain, hit me up!

  54. Many people are missing an important factor, which is how clean your body is. You would be surprised how your body gets stronger and can fight allergies if you detox your body. We have a lot of toxins in our system, from food, air or pretty much anything we are exposed to. They clog up our system and make it harder for it to fight allergies.

    Another important factor that some people have mentioned here is air quality. Air quality can cause allergies regardless of any type of climate.

    As far as humidity goes, it is also bad when weather is too dry, which will also cause allergies and irritate your sinuses. IMO the best area to live for people with allergies is in Southern California near the ocean, not in the valleys since they are drier and don’t have as much of an ocean breeze.

    Lastly, I suggest using the best air cleaner you can afford. One for your bedroom and one for your office. This will make a huge difference and give your body a break while you are indoors.

  55. Best place to not have allergies….on a cruise ship in middle of the ocean. Clean air and on a good cruise line the cleanliness should be impeccable. All my allergies disappear for the week on board and then return as soon as we are back in port. Too bad we cannot live on a cruise ship!

  56. I experienced seasonal allergies for the first time 5 years ago in Portland Or. I never had allergies in Nyc, Florida or Hawaii. I moved to San Francisco and did not have the allergies for one year, a few years ago I moved to Santa Cruz and my allergies may-november are awe-full. More than the stuffed nose, its the mild headaches and fatigue which plague me the most. After coming back from a vacation on the east coast my allergies again hit me in Santa Cruz. When I visited Las Vegas in the summer I could not breathe through my nose at all. I love the west coast but it doesnt seem to be working out. I have put on weight and dont want to do anything. Im thinking about moving to LA hoping the urban environment may have less of the grass pollen which seems to be my nemesis. It could be worse in SoCal for me because there is more grass and weeds. I may have to move back to NYC or to Hawaii to avoid the wind pollinators. Allergies can definitely affect other aspects of your health, what a bummer. Going somewhere for a short time may not mean you wont develop allergies there later. Its annoying to have to deal with people who dont think allergies are a struggle and i found these forums to be the most helpful. Good Luck!

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