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  1. [Posted by A.S. by way of AllergyNurse.  Originally posted to AllergyNursing.com on January 30, 2003]

    My daughter has strong allergies to many things, such as grasses, molds, pets, and dust. We have somewhat recently moved from New Jersey to Alaska. We have been through the four seasons twice already. What a difference ! It really does make a difference. My daughter enjoys outside remarkably more than before. — A.S., Alaska

  2. Thank you for sharing. There are certain areas that generally seem better for allergy sufferers. However, allergy sufferers don’t always find relief in these “magic” areas. Moving is a big step for most people. It would be prudent to visit and spend some time in the area before making a decision.

    Regarding Alaska, some of the item’s I read last week in researching the climate indicated that there are actually several different climates in Alaska. Some might offer better relief from your allergies than others.

    [Originally posted to AllergyNursing.com on January 30, 2003]

  3. [Post by SKH by way of AllergyNurse. Originally posted to AllergyNursing.com on January 30, 2003]

    As for Alaska being a good place to move to avoid allergies, don’t pack your bags yet. I do pollen counts in Fairbanks and we have our fair share of allegens. If you are allergic to Birch, Alder, Cottonwood, Aspen, Poplar this is probably not the place for you. For more information, see our website. — SKH, Alaska

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I’m interested in hearing experiences from others who have moved to a different location to avoid allergies. Is there an allergy-free climate out there?

    [Originally posted to AllergyNursing.com on August 13, 2003]

  5. I have lived in Alaska since May 07′. I have asthma, and it is significantly worse here, as well as my allergies. I moved from Houston. I know this sounds surprising, but it is surprising to me too!
    I think it has something to do with the fact that they don’t have air conditioners to reduce humidity in homes (increases mold). My towels tend to mildue no matter how I hang them up. I also live in an apartment with excellent circulation. In addition, it takes several days for my apartment in Anchorage to accumulate as much dust on furniture and appliances as I accumulated in a month or more in Texas. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I think winter might be better though.

  6. Take a trip to the place you are considering and stay there for a week. See if you have any immediate reactions. Every person is different. I think the best solution is exposure. Visit the place you are thinking about, being prepared with necessary allergy medicine, inhalers, etc., and just see what happens.

    As for my personal story, I lived in coastal North Carolina for many years and was plagued by allergy problems that were closely tied to asthma. I would have sneezing, runny nose and eyes, and asthmatic reactions to something in the air there. However, when I visited the mountains of western NC, I noticed a marked improvement. I moved to Maine for 4 years where I experienced no allergy symptoms whatsoever! I have taken several trips in the U.S. and assumed it was the mountains that somehow cured by symptoms, but was proven wrong upon a trip to Montana during which I had constant problems with asthma. Now I live in the state of New York, and I am still allergy-free! It all depends on yourself as an individual. I found that the North East Nebraska were not problems for me. However, North Carolina and Montana were.

  7. i have sneezing everyday and night and runny nose, even when i eat i get it too here in foothills of NC and i still sneeze when i lived in hawaii i didnt have that. and arizona and new mexico i didnt have it either now i know i heard alaska is best place for that. so i have not yet been to alaska and its relatively cool summers there not as hot and humid as the lower 48 states down here. its hot humid in many states. alaska i hear gets into the low 60’s and low 70 thats it at nights low 50 or so i was told would be much better there for me it seems to be the air outside what they think it is. so i dont know for sure myself but would like to try alaska

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